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Fused Tubelight

The film sinks because of its weak screenplay and the very predictable plot points of the story. Kabir Khan was not able to create much impact unlike his New York or Bajrangi Bhaijaan in terms of direction. The whole film revolves around Laxman and Salman deeply disappoints in the journey, nuances and detailing of the character. Even his character lacked depth just like other characters in the film. On the positive side, the film is shot really well and the music also works for the audience(more)

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Flickered and gradually fused

Set in 1962, the worst part of the film is its weak plot and sloppy execution. Tubelight is by far Kabir Khan's weakest film. Though the entire film is about brotherly bond, it hardly touches you. The film has uncountable glitches which makes it an absolute mess. It is certainly not a Kabir Khan film. Wonder how the same director had made films like Kabul Express, New York and Bajrangi Bhaijaan in the past. The climax of the film is predictable and the way Sohail's gunshot turns to a head injury is rib-tickling.(more)

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Salman Gives A Good Performance But Not His Best!

When you set your standards too high, people�s expectations from you also grow higher. That has become the case with Kabir Khan, whose last film with Salman Khan was not just a huge commercial success, but touched the heart of every viewer. While Bajrangi Bhaijaan is a film, which makes me sit in front of the television even today, Tubelight hardly strikes a chord!(more)

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Movie Review

After having given smash hit films like KICK, BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN and SULTAN, expectations were sky high from Salman Khan�s TUBELIGHT. Salman Khan plays his part with utmost sincerity and dedication but it�s the script which fails him bitterly. Even though Salman Khan tries to be na�ve and affable, the film�s poor writing gives him in. Ditto for the Chinese actress Zhu Zhu, who makes her debut with TUBELIGHT. While she is endearing to watch, the weak script fails to escalate the impact of her performance. The Indian audiences will find it tough to relate to her (half-baked) character in the film. The little boy Matin Rey Tangu is cute and endearing in his character, but doesn�t get to do much. Sohail Khan, on the other hand, is convincing in his extended cameo kind of role and plays his part with sincerity. The (late) Om Puri delivers a memorable performance, while Shah Rukh Khan�s cameo is effective. Rest of the actors help the film in move forward.(more)

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Salman Khan Is The Worst Thing About Tubelight

he Khan brothers who look to have been inflated with tyre-pumps, there is a strong cast, the norm at a time Indian casting directors have come good. We have the infallible Brijendra Kala smiling, possibly at the thought of his cheque, while Yashpal Sharma hams uncharacteristically hard, chewing on and repeating each line a couple of times as if to make it more palatable. Meanwhile, supporters of arthouse cinema may find it therapeutic to watch a strong thespian like Mohammad Zeeshan Ayyub wallop the megastar a few times.(more)

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Movie REview

Tubelight inspired by the Hollywood film Little Boy directed by Alejandro Monteverde, is told with a fable-like simplicity. Set in Jagatpur, a pretty North-Indian town, during the Indo-China war, the locals are mostly hangers on, who have little to do except laugh at Laxman�s antics or berate him. Banne Chacha(Om Puri) mentors him, imparting Gandhian gyaan at every given opportunity. Narayan (Mohd Zeeshan) is the local bully who slaps the hero around without provocation, making the slaps sting less and irritate more. Things brighten up a bit when the drop-dead gorgeous Liling(Zhu Zhu) and perky Guo(Matin), who are Chinese immigrants move to Jagatpur. But even this track seems conveniently-placed just to evoke the Hindi-Chini bhai bhai sentiments.(more)

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Salman Khan film flickers a lot, offers little glow

The message is perfect, especially apt for these manic times. The messenger is far from. The effort, on Salman�s part, to come off slow-witted, shows in every frame. It�s all feels constructed, and on the surface, with no nuance. Instead of Hindi Chini bhai bhai, it is more like Hindi Chini, bye bye.(more)

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