Tubelight Movie Review - Fused Tubelight

PUBLISHED DATE : 23/Jun/2017

Tubelight Movie Review - Fused Tubelight

Tubelight Movie Review - Fused Tubelight

Divay Agarwal


In 2015, came a fairly entertaining film Bajrangi Bhaijaan by the actor-director duo but neither Kabir Khan nor the superstar Salman Khan were able to impress with this year’s film Tubelight. Although, a hindi-remake of the American film Little Boy, the film falls flat because of the weak storyline and a below average performance by its leading man.


Laxman Bisht (Salman Khan) is a 40-year-old guy from a small town called Jagatpur in Himachal, who suffers from an underdeveloped mind and takes time to comprehend things while others make fun of him. When his lone support Bharat (Sohail Khan), his younger brother who takes care of him leaves to fight for the Indian Army in the Sino-Indian war, he is devastated. When he doesn’t return and people start assuming he’s dead, Laxman relies on faith and is positive that his brother will come back and India will win. Will his belief triumph above all is what forms the rest of the film!


The film sinks because of its weak screenplay and the very predictable plot points of the story. Kabir Khan was not able to create much impact unlike his New York or Bajrangi Bhaijaan in terms of direction. The whole film revolves around Laxman and Salman deeply disappoints in the journey, nuances and detailing of the character. Even his character lacked depth just like other characters in the film. On the positive side, the film is shot really well and the music also works for the audience.


The highlight of the film is Shah Rukh Khan’s cameo appearance. Watching both superstars on the screen is really intriguing and also pushes up the thrill quotient in the film!


Talking about the performances, Salman puts up a really weak show and needs to be told that acting mentally challenged doesn’t mean you need to look constipated. Sohail Khan too, is terrible with his single monotonous expression. Thespians Zeeshan Ayub and Yashpal Sharma deliver a decent performance. Even, it was great to see Om Puri in his last screen performance. The standout performances came from the very pretty and talented Chinese actress Zhu Zhu and the incredibly cute child artist Matin Rey Tangu. Casting him for Salman’s role would have done better for the film’s story.


Bottomline: If you are not a crazy Salman fan, its best to skip it

Rating: 2/5

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