Vettaiyaadu Vilayaadu (U/A)
25/Aug/2006 Crime, Thriller 2HR 30MIN


Critics Review


Questions and more questions – and each of them answered in Gautham Menon’s signature slick and urban style where he effectively interweaves action, suspense, gore (like we said, it’s a daring movie!), romance and succinct “flashback” to create a well-woven thriller. What one sees the story unfold as: fast-paced action and some keen detective work, some real human (more)

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Go for it

Vetayadu Vilayadu is gutsy- ‘n’- gritty endeavor. Video footage, moodily lit interiors with superb camerawork, authentic locations, crisp editing, and intermittent flashbacks, peppy music, great background score plus knockout action are just some of the high points of the film. But on the down side, there is too much violence against women, gory scenes, slow paced second half which needs trimming and a contrived ending. (more)

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Kamal Haasan is brilliant

Not for one moment in the two-and-a-half hour film do you see that larger-than-life screen god called Kamal Haasan. Kamal's and Jyothika's performance almost mask the jarring flaws of other lead characters. The characters of the antagonists are badly etched and look silly. But the most disappointing part is the music. Mr Harris Jayaraj, what has happened to you? The music, which could have taken the movie to a different level, is so loud that it seriously hinders the story flow.(more)

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Stylish and Substantive

Kamal understates and underplays his character with remarkable discernment. The narrative simply unfolds from him. Jyothika too is quiet and restrained. Prakash Raj is as ever bankable. Harris Jeyaraj and Gautham share a unique rapport. Harris songs not only rock but the re-recording too is simply superb. The other hero of the film is Ravi Varman, the camera man. He has given the entire flavor and feels to the movie. (more)

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