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Exhilarating Experience

Rajamouli has now set the benchmark higher for rest of the film-makers in India to look up. Salute to the visionary director. Must watch in big screen(more)

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SS Rajamouli's epic drama evokes a sense of wonder

In his attempt to make India's biggest motion picture, Rajamouli has also given the audience a reason to be in awe of films, or rather his films. For that matter, no review would come close to explaining the high that one will experience throughout the film. It has to be experienced to be believed.(more)

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Movie Review

ndian cinephiles must salute Rajamouli for his vision and ambition. He once again gives us our Benhur and Ten Commandments experience rolled into one. Of course it is CGI and VFX that grab you in your seat, but Baahubali also takes you on an emotional rollercoaster ride. The romance between Devasena and Amarendra has the Titanic fervour. (more)

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Rajamouli carries a huge burden on his shoulders: He knows that comparisons between the two parts of BAAHUBALI are inevitable. The concluding installment has to be bigger [canvas, VFX] and better [entertainment quotient] than the first part. It's a daunting challenge actually. And BAAHUBALI-2 delivers and how! - See more at:

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Prabhas Is A Hero To Celebrate In Film That's Better Than The Original

. Rajamouli's original Baahubali was engaging and effective but significantly overstuffed, with waterfalls and a weird romantic track and far too many songs for the genre, while this film is a lot more assured about both narrative and tone. The story proceeds briskly and intriguingly, and Rajamouli has a gift for swerving away from what appears obvious.(more)

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Bahubali The Conclusion is bigger, but not better

The first time around the animated hi-jinks that Rajamouli created, a sort of �desi tadka� version of Peter Jackson and James Cameron crossed with Amar Chitra Katha, were astonishing, both in terms of scale and setting and story telling. I was blown away by the sheer confidence and the conviction of the film-making, ignoring the risible bits and pieces.(more)

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Prabhas is the soul of the movie

Rajamouli has stressed more on emotional quotient unlike in the first part. This is his core strength. Hence, he has excelled in those parts. But unlike in the first part, the visual imagery here doesn't make us forget about the rest. In fact, I personally felt many of the visual effects are not up to the standards set by Rajamouli in the first part.(more)

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A new landmark set in VFX by Rajamouli

The Conclusion begins seamlessly just where it left in the first movie with Kattappa narrating the story of Mahishmati. The scale rises soon enough as Baahubali enters the screen to tame an elephant gone wild with cheers from the audience as is wont of a superstar.(more)

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This Film Is Much More Than Just 'Why Did Kattappa Kill Baahubali?'

SS Rajamouli took the nation by storm when his last outing Baahubali: The Beginning broke all the box office records. What worked for him was a story which had emotions at its core, heart-thumping action sequences, some never-before seen grandeur on the big screenin Indian cinemaand of a course a clever cliff-hanger which was to become the talking point of the nation. (more)

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