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An unevenly played out drama

All said and done, Dharmadurai keeps you adequately invested throughout. It does not play out like crests and troughs but what we have are crests and then plains in between.(more)

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Fairly Executed Drama With A Relevant Message

Dharma Durai is a neatly executed drama with a relevant message pertaining to a doctor's life who hails from a simple village.(more)

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Not Generous Enough

You can go for it if you are fans of the ensemble cast and the Yuvan-Vairamuthu music.(more)

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A decent rural flick which is pleasant to watch

The movie unfurls itself at a slow pace but it is steady and justified. Barring a few scratches, like the few out of place lip-synchronisation issues, the director delivers a neat work. He has ensured enough attention is paid to the requisites of film making and has delivered a product that is bittersweet, just like our very own life.(more)

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Film does have genuinely affecting moments

Dharmadurai has a great central conflict � how even a person with good intentions can become a liability for someone else because of those around him � but Seenuramasamy's resolution of this conflict feels unsatisfactory. (more)

Source: M. Suganth, Times Of India


A drama worth a watch

We can't take our eyes from Vijay Sethupathi even as the story travels along with him to various places. He has proved yet again that he is an actor of substance given an author-backed role. (more)

Source: Anupama Subramaniam, Deccan Chronicle


Dharmadurai is an enjoyable family drama

An engaging screenplay, stunning music, wonderful performances and the perfect rural ambiance make Dharmaduraia fun watch.(more)

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A neat, feel-good drama

Seenu Ramasamy's Dharma Durai is a neat, feel good drama which basically deals about an alcoholic doctor and how he gets back his lost life. The film mainly works because of aptly written characters and powerful performances. (more)

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Terrific story that loses its way

Had the director Seenu Ramasamy (who hints at his unreleased Idam Porul Yaeval in a line of dialogue) focused on just these story beats, he might have ended up with something as moving as his Neerparavai, which also dealt with alcoholism and star-crossed love. That sadly underappreciated film swept us along in a sea of emotions. Dharmadurai leaves us dry-eyed, despite much potential for drama.(more)

Source: Baradwaj Rangan, The Hindu


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