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Tales of men, women and their relationships

To watch Iraivi, you need a lot of patientce and complete trust in the director that the ride will be worth it. If you could stay with the director till the very end, there is definitely some pay-off. But, the investment you need to make is not commensurate to the pay-off you will get in the end. The women in the film end up being portrayed as victims of rash decisions made by men rather than showing up as strong 'manidhis', far cry from elevating as 'iraivis'. (more)

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Karthik Bites More Than He Can Chew!

Iraivi is an honest attempt by Karthik Subbaraj. But it looks like the director has bitten off more than he can chew. (more)

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You cannot enjoy the rain without actually getting drenched! So don't shut yourself down if you hear that it is not an out and out entertainer, rather make yourself vulnerable to this work and you will not regret it.

Few minute symbolism he carries while narrating his tale, makes Karthik�s passion for filmmaking obvious. One does not become a cult filmmaker just by breaking filmmaking templates; he becomes one even if he breaks the templates present in our society. Iraivi is yet another attempt to reiterate the value of the female gender to not just the male but to females themselves. And few women in the crowd would connect to the movie better. The expectations on a Karthik Subbaraj movie, might also not be in favour of a project like Iraivi(more)

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A dark tale of male arrogance

Iraivi in the end seems like a story gone astray, the lives of several people destroyed by male egoistic rage that seeks solution in blood and gore. There is very little to cheer (the bottles of liquor merely adding to the depression) in the 160-minute work, which, though has some interesting performances by Simha, Surya and Anjali. Sethupathi continues to mumble much in the same way the Hollywood icon, Marlon Brando, once did, and with a music score that refused to remain in the background, it was often a strain to catch what was being spoken on the screen. The noise of rain in several scenes merely added to my discomfort.(more)

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Iraivi is another winner from Karthik Subbaraj

Despite the sheer number of characters, everyone has a vital role to play. With brilliant all round performances, it becomes extremely difficult to choose a favorite, but Surya is undoubtedly the winner. Torn between anger, frustration and pain, while simultaneously appearing to be drunk, Surya has given a performance of a lifetime. (more)

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Karthik Subbaraj's film is subtle yet hard hitting

Nevertheless, when preachy, over-the-board films masquerade as feminist socials, Karthik's gloomy drama is an honest attempt. It just reflects the raw and hard-hitting reality; it's like Sujatha's Eppothum Penn and Jayakanthan's Sila Nerangalil Sila Manithargal: It is more about the means and little about the end.(more)

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For now, Iraivi is a fascinating film, and that's enough.

They�re packed � with characters, with complications, with information doled out in bits and pieces. And our signature intercutting adds to this texture. Happenings are stretched and meshed the way they would be in real life, and not compacted according to the page-per-minute requirement of screenplay-writing textbooks.(more)

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A hard hitting film that has power packed performances from the top notch lead cast that is worth the watch.

Karthick Subbaraj has chosen a subject, entirely different from his previous work and throughout the first half keeps the audience in a stranglehold grip and then in the climax delivers all the punches to drive home his themes of loyalty, brotherhood, deception, betrayal and most importantly ,feminism.(more)

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Bold & Daring

Iraivi may not be appealing to all. But Watch it once, for it bravely treads new ground. (more)

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Karthik Subbaraj's film is a hard hitting one!

There are umpteen numbers of characters, but each one has a role to play in the intriguing plot. Karthik has extracted the best from the entire cast. It is SJ Suryah who steals the show with his lifetime performance. Anjali proves her mettle in a complex role. Vijay Sethupathi has in fact underplayed his character. Bobby, Pooja in a bold role, Kamalinee are adequate. (more)

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