Inji Idupazhagi (U/A)
27/Nov/2015 Love, Drama 131 Mins

Inji Idupazhagi

Critics Review


Partly charming and partly confusing

The biggest strength of the film is the feel good factor and a definite charm. The first half is breezy and light hearted. It is the second half that suffers an identity crisis. The film could have worked purely as a candy floss romance. It tries to give an impression that it wants to give you a message.The episode involving the 'Size Zero' clinic hardly makes an impact. It all looks staged and embarrassingly amateurish. The film tries to make a big fuss about accepting people as they are. (more)

Source: Bharath Vijayakumar, MovieCrow


See it for Anushka and a few good moments

The film features some insensitive scenes which derogate fat people. With all its good intentions, such diametrically opposite melodramatic scenes could have been avoided. The way media has been used to move the film ahead in the second half, further pulls down the proceedings and needless songs add to the slowness.(more)

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Feel-good entertainer

Inji Iduppazhagi cannot claim to be a perfect film. Lips sync is a big worry and parts of the second half are over-stretched and clunky-especially towards the climax, though the film has a smart running time of two hours. However, these are a few wrong turns in an otherwise entertaining film.(more)

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Big is also beautiful..!!!

Director K.S.Prakash Rao and the script writer Kanika Dhilomn have tried to present a feel good film with a tropical message. The film does not have comedy track, fight scenes, aesthetically shot duets, mind games and other requirements of a normal commercial entertainer. But still it is highly engaging and entertaining and does not drag anywhere. The scriptwriter and director have also kept the clich�s that could be associated with films like these at a minimum and tolerable level.(more)

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A Blown-up Flick!

first half is enjoyable to an extent, the latter half gets way too draggy for one's liking. With stretched climax and a couple of unnecessary songs, Inji Iduppazhagi does test your patience at times. Not to mention few comedy sequences that fail to evoke laughter (more)

Source: Avinash Gopinath, One India