Mumbai Police (U/A)
03/May/2013 Crime, Thriller

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Mumbai Police
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Brilliant Thriller

The director in Roshan seems to have done his homework well. The hard work and expertise of the director are also echoed by the entire star cast. Prithviraj has undoubtedly evolved into an intense, character-driven actor and delivers yet another sparkling performance in the police uniform and you do...(more)

Source: Editorial Board,


Mumbai Police is Impressive

Most of the story is told in the dialogues between characters with very little action; one might almost use the much-abused term 'lagging' to describe the film�s plot. But one�s patience is rewarded at the end. (more)

Source: Paresh C Palicha.,


Mumbai Police arrests and engages the audience with bold portrayals from a well-chosen cast.

Mumbai police engages primarily because it sustains interest and attention for a good period of time. The film that opens on a disturbing note ends in absolute calm.(more)

Source: Aswin J Kumar, Times Of India


Watchable movie for its thrills and twists.

The story telling in the first half is so racy and thrilling as movie genre said,but the second half drags and climax feel ordinary . However, "Mumbai Police" is an prominently watchable movie for its thrills and twists.(more)

Source: Deepu,

User Reviews


Arun Sundar

Really excellent effort from the director.cried after watching the climax. Nice tale of friendship between cops, crime and revenge. Every scene in this film stands out and contributes to the story flow. (more)