Kuttrame Thandanai (U/A)
02/Sep/2016 Crime, Drama 2hrs 10mins

Kuttrame Thandanai

Critics Review


An interesting piece of art

The fascinating aspect of Kuttrame Thandanai is how equally different and similar it is to Manikandan's debut Kaaka Muttai.Like his previous film this too is low key, extremely realistic and never goes outside the main plot. But the genre itself is very different and so is the absence of the lighter moments that was pervasive throughout Kaaka Muttai.(more)

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Kuttramae Thandanai is a technically sound thriller film

Manikandan spins a plot around a very interesting knot with a defined clarity. With a story that swerves between the happenings of the case and the life of the individuals involved, Kuttrame Thandanai manages to keep us engaged though the screenplay is slow.(more)

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Brilliantly crafted murder mystery

Writers Manikandan and Anand Annamalai have come up with a near flawless script which on the surface is a thrilling murder mystery, but deeper down probes the common man's selfishness which drives everyone to commit crimes and seemingly escape the law until a higher justice catches up. (more)

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Neat Crime Thriller

For a small budget film, Kuttrame Thandanai sparkles in the technical department. Right from the first frame, Ilaiyaaraja hooks us with his haunting score and undoubtedly in recent times, it is the best work of the ace composer. Apart from his phenomenal command over filmmaking, Manikandan's abstract way of showing things with his frames are beautiful to watch on big screen. (more)

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