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Passable But Nothing Striking Enough!

In the first part the reveal about Vishal's identity was the key. But here the father-son duo look invincible right from the start that the entire film is a one sided battle except for the brief while before intermission. So there is no tension as such in the screenplay. Few stretches in the film make little sense. For instance Vishal lies to Keerthy in the second half for a greater good. After a few scenes he reveals the truth. But what was the point of hiding it earlier if there is no impact in revealing it.(more)

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Sandakozhi 2 lacks punch of the first film but remains tolerable even in its less compelling portions.

But the problem with the film is that it lacks punch of the first film. The narrative is somewhat uneven as Lingusamy, for whom, the film is definitely a step up from Anjaan, doesn�t sustain the tension throughout, and going for unnecessary songs (especially in the second half) and scenes that are less impactful on screen than they must have been on paper. Pechi is a one-note character, and despite the presence that Varalaxmi lends to the role, she doesn't appear as a serious threat. And the character of Anbu, is underwritten. Hari, who plays this role, is asked to act like a deer caught in the headlights in almost every scene. But the failures doesn�t derail the movie, which remains tolerable even in its less compelling portions.(more)

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This Vishal film is a lazy rehash

Vishal has relied on editor Praveen K L and composer Yuvan Shankar Raja to make his scenes in the movie mean something with the heavy use of slow-motion shots coupled with interesting background score.(more)

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This Vishal, Keerthy Suresh starrer is a conveniently made sequel

Finally, the most disappointing part is how director Lingusamy begins with two factions fighting and never addressed the root cause of the conflict -- caste. The fact that a man from a higher caste protects a boy from the lower caste from getting killed is a regressive idea, one which could have been avoided had the director not added the element of caste in the first place.(more)

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A conventional mass entertainer, Vishal's film fails to outshine original

Sandakozhi 2 is not in the same league as the first Sandakozhi, due to its uneven plot and songs that come as speed breakers. But if you are in a mood to watch a conventional masala entertainer, it fits the bill.(more)

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A masala film sans flavour

ingusamy sets up the drama quiet well in the first half, with a nearly deafening score by Yuvan Shankar Raja. However, it's the second half that causes serious damage, with the lack of fresh ideas. The revenge angle, too, is not properly fleshed out, which makes Sandakozhi 2 a passable entertainer.(more)

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