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Ajith's Baasha Wannabe

Ajith has given 100% and shows both his sides in a very convincing manner. His childlike innocence and his polar opposite vampire looks are fantastic. Ajith carries the movie despite all the predictability and cliches. Ajith's dialogue delivery is exemplary in sentiment scenes and rowdy slang in the second half.(more)

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Sparks do fly, but not frequently enough

When there is a mass hero, action comes along like his shadow and Vedalam has its fair share of 'thiruvizha' action moments resulting from the revenge theme of the film. There are three hunky villains falling into the commercial cinema template completely. (more)

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Vedhalam is Ajith's one man show and it might enthrall his ardent fans for others, it's a formulaic film with few enjoyable moments.

Had director Siva concentrated more on the flashback portions, we would have definitely got an enjoyable entertainer. Vedhalam is yet another middling movie where logic is taken for granted and purely rides on the stardom of Ajith. (more)

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A Theri Mass Deepavali Treat

Despite with an ordinary story and limited scope for suspense and thrill, Siva has managed to maintain some suspense element by hiding some details about the lead characters throughout the film and they make the film much more interesting than a mere super hero film. . (more)

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