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Bang on the Buck.

Hrithik is running away from the bad guys trying to protect a very precious Kohinoor diamond. He bumps into a bank receptionist Katrina Kaif. She is swooned by his charm (trust me, she is not the only one Hrithik captivates) and inevitably joins in his chases. The result is a series of action pieces with liberal amounts of car chases, bombings, bullets and guns - in short a lot of chaos. Hrithik makes her believe he is a good guy, which he definitely is not. So what does she do? That is the crux of the film. Bang Bang is the new age masala offering that Bollywood should be churning out more of - a typical festival outing with family and friends to just enjoy and have a gala time. Go catch this at the theaters for sure. (more)

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BANG BANG should definitely be your pick for this extended weekend.

The film's action sequences are bound to take your breath away. And there is just one person to be credited for this and he is none other than the Hollywood action director Andy Armstrong of The Amazing Spiderman 2 fame. He has indeed lived upto the hype and the expectations that were attached with BANG BANG. Some of the most remarkable action scenes in the film include Hrithik Roshan driving a F1 car, performing water-skiing after being tied to a sea-plane and doing the death-defying fly board stunts.Overall, the film's wide release during the long holiday should definitely work in its favour. Add to that, the popular starcast of the film will ensure that the movie sails through comfortably at the box-office. Another plus point to BANG BANG is that it has the least opposition from HAIDER at the box-office. So, if you are looking high-octane action scenes, sleek visuals, melodious music and if you love masala movies, then BANG BANG should definitely be your pick for this extended weekend.(more)

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The overwhelming stunts and two extremely gorgeous looking people.

Bang Bang is everything that Knight and Day was about and nothing even remotely as exciting as the original. It isn�t bland or boring just doesn�t match up to my expectations of the film. Gorgeous stunts, picturesque locales and a paper thin script might create a watchable film but it won�t be a brilliant or memorable watch. Hrithik and Katrina despite giving sincere and earnest performances fail to retain the film�s oomph quotient consistently. It is Siddharth Anand�s lack of vision that has cost the film gravely. Nothing except the script can be blamed for it. If stunts can sustain you for an entire film, then Bang Bang is a steal. Others might need more than just that to satiate themselves.(more)

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Hrithik Roshan's Bang Bang is as mindless as playing air guitar.

Rajveer Nanda (Hrithik Roshan) is a stylish thief with amazing abilities, one of them is his talent of crossing a lake in just one breath. He takes up the challenge thrown at the world, preferably Indians, by an international terrorist Omar Zafar (Danny). Bang Bang is one such film, where the lead actor looks engrossed and too careful about creating a brand image. He believes whatever he is doing is going to be applauded by the audience. (more)

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Here's why Bang Bang doesn't get it bang-on

Hrithik Roshan. Shirtless. Whether he is chopping wood, stitching his wound or simply cooking in some exotic location, he's a treat. He's just as good in a suit and gelled hair too. The role requires him to dance, surf, sail a boat, ride a chopper and even beat up goons while eating parathas - and he does it all with panache. His eyes do as much talking as his biceps. He runs on top of buildings, into speeding cars, off cliffs and buildings, even gets shot at a million times and survives it all. Another superhero film? But why question it? He is in every frame of the film - and that is good enough. Katrina has to match up, and she looks ultra glam too. Always. Whether she is in the shower, or waking up from a drug-induced sleep, the lipstick is intact. Carry your ipod, put on your ear phones, enjoy the music and simply let your eyes feast on the Greek God on screen(more)

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Bang Bang is strictly for Hrithik Roshan fans and for those that do not want an action flick to be anything more than just that.

Bang Bang is a slickly mounted but maddeningly muddled thriller that does not quite know how to negotiate the spills that inevitably come with the territory. The makers have clearly invested a great deal of effort in mindless pyrotechnics. All very well. If only they had devoted a fraction of that attention to the screenplay, this overlong film would have been infinitely less tedious. Bang Bang is a reliable enough pointer, it is apparent that there is little bang left in her dwindling buck. But do look out for brief appearances by Deepti Naval and Kanwaljit Singh and a solid-as-ever performance from Pavan Malhotra as a wily government agent who keeps getting in the hero�s way when the latter thinks he�s got things neatly wrapped up. (more)

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Bang Bang makes more noise and little sense.

Siddharth Anand's Bang Bang makes more noise and little sense. This desi adaptation of the 2010 Tom Cruise-Cameron Diaz action thriller, Knight And Day, has charm in abundance, primarily because of its effervescent lead pair -- Rajveer/Jai ( Hrithik Roshan) and Harleen (Katrina Kaif). But it lacks coherence. Disbelief is writ large on the face, right at the start. Full marks to the lead pair for not being overwhelmed by the commotion around them. Especially Hrithik, who knows the job at hand is silly, but never slips up. (more)

Source: Meena Iyar, Times Of India