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Engaging fun

If you are ready to overlook the fact that Khoobsurat circa 2014 is nothing like the original film and yet tries to mangle the original films plot, there is fun to be had here. Like the clashes between Sonam and Ratna or Sonam and her mothers skype calls. Thankfully, these fun bits are judiciously used throughout the movies running length and one does not really die of boredom. Khoobsurat is a decent watch, more so cause not much was expected of it in the first place. (more)

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KHOOBSURAT is likeable in parts with good performances and stunning visuals.

KHOOBSURAT does manage to capture your heart at places. Director Shashank Ghosh, who had earlier treated the viewers with his quirky films like WAISA BHI HOTA HAI PART II and QUICK GUN MURUGAN, manages to deliver the film that's strictly good in parts. Even though the film is supposed to be an official remake of the 80s classic by the same name (that starred Rekha and Rakesh Roshan in the lead), KHOOBSURAT seems to be nowhere near the original. With a runtime of 130 minutes, this film is a story of a girl who turns the life of a royal family upside down.(more)

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Fawad Khan, Kirron Kher try but fail to save Khoobsurat

Pakistani actor Fawad Khan effortlessly steps into the shoes of the boring prince fighting internal battles after he falls in love with the doctor (Sonam) visiting his house. Women and girls who have been swooning over him in the TV show Zindagi Gulzar Hai have a shirtless Fawad for treat. Khoobsurat, nonetheless, has its high momnents as well. Sneha Khanwalkar's music is foot-tapping and fresh. Shashanka treates the audience with some brilliantly showcased frames and apt camera work. Despite those, we aren't suggeting you should waste time and money on the movie unless you are indifferent to the lack of Sonam's acting skills and an overall lowering of standards for wits and jokes.(more)

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Khoobsurat is a pretty good show.

Khoobsurat, buoyed by an incandescent Sonam Kapoor, a rock-steady Fawad Khan and a fabulous supporting cast, is smartly crafted, well acted and endearing. Well, for the most part at least. By not following the known script in its entirety, the peppy Khoobsurat acquires a degree of freshness and unpredictability that is appreciably accentuated by the uninhibited cast. Sonam Kapoor dives enthusiastically into the role of the bubbly Mili and comes up with a delightfully droll star turn, investing the character with both elfin charm and infectious goofiness. Fawad Khan provides the perfect foil, delivering an impressively consistent performance. (more)

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Khoobsurat is a dull show

Sonam Kapoor looks gorgeous and puts in sincere efforts in playing the clumsy doctor. Fawad Khan is brilliant, he is the best part of this film. He gets into the skin of the character making us wonder who in Bollywood could have pulled off the role of a snobbish prince with such class, he definitely makes a mark in his debut Bollywood film. Ratna Pathak too delivers a fabulous performance. Kirron Kher is the usual Punjabi mother but as long as she is making us laugh, we are not complaining. Apart from decent performances and some memorable scenes, Khoobsurat has nothing new to offer. The film is not engaging at all.Sonam Kapoor looks great and is talented but needs to experiment a little. Looks like Khoobsurat is for the multiplex audience but I'm not sure if today's generation will enjoy a dull show like this one. (more)

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Khoobsurat is pretty - and pretty hilarious

Paying the first Khoobsurat a whimsical wave - poet-cook Ashrafi basically strokes his gamcha here - this movie reflects modern times. Mili's had pre-Vikram boyfriends, no-one needs heart attacks for enlightenment - and just when you think the turbanned titles are a royal pain, Manju arrives, spitting fire at regal airs. An underdone kidnapping and overdone Bengali-ness - 'Prawteek', meet 'Mawnju' - slightly distract. However, for the most part, this delightfully roguish romance tickles everything fun-loving inside you. That's what makes it so khoobsurat.(more)

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Sonam Kapoor is suitably perky and giggly, Fawad catches the eye

The plot, and pace, slackens in between. The song-and-dance bits are completely superfluous, even if the lyrics and the tunes are spirited. But the rest compensates. Kirron Kher as the down-to-earth Punjabi mother, who could easily sleepwalk through the role given how much practice she�s had at it, has the film�s best lines, and makes us guffaw. The gang at the palace� the frosty mama bear who will melt, the grouchy papa bear who will throw out a leg, the oppressed girl who will burst free, and the frog who will learn to pucker up� are all up to the mark. The frog aka the Pakistani hearthrob Fawad Khan, who has amassed a continued� (more)

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Khoobsurat is a distinctly Disney treat

There are a few bum notes, not least of which is Kirron Kher who, while warm, is too much of a caricature even for a Disney movie. She's the William Wallace of Punjabi Mothers, an iconically cringeworthy character who doesn't bring anything new to the table. Neither, it must be said, does Ghosh, the quirky director here wearing mouse-ears and colouring neatly within cliched lines. Yet his Khubsoorat was always meant to be a lozenge -- and, when unwrapping candy, it's always best to know what we're in for.(more)

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