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A hollow hype!

Kanthaswamy is largely overindulgent. After taking up a superhero subject, Susi's uncertainty in keeping that one on track makes the movie stoop to lower levels. The movie is unreasonably stretched, for no rhyme or reason. The choppy editing also makes one feel that any scene could be placed anywher...(more)

Source: Editorial Board, Behindwoods.com


Slow death.

The 200-minute-long- 'Kanthaswamy' is a painfully slow narrative further slowed down with Are-You-Kidding-Me-Slow-Mos. This Superhero film is not for kids. Kanthaswamy is not a unique superhero or original by any stretch of imagination or spandex. Vikram as an actor, has nothing to do. It is Shriya ...(more)

Source: Malathi Rangarajan, The Hindu


Check it out for the Vikram factor.

Kandhasamy should have been a riveting film. Running for 3 hours and 20 minutes, it is clear the director is laboring. You do not look for logic in a commercial film, only a gripping script. And with a star like Vikram, who is stylish and charming, never overplaying his role for even a fraction of a...(more)

Source: Bhama Ravi, Times Of India


Paisa vasool.

Chiyaan Vikram has a winner in Kandasamy. It is pure commercial masala entertainer that strikes a fine balance between style and substance, and also has a neat message. Susi Ganeshan has constructed an engrossing action driven adventure with panache. The innovative camera angles and lighting of cine...(more)

Source: MovieBuzz, Sify.com


Style & substance.

The duo of Vikram and Susi Ganeshan have come out with a project (though far from logic) that is laced with all commercial ingredients at right mix. It's an action extravaganza with technical finesse. The computer graphics and the breathtaking stunt sequences are captured well by cinematographer Eka...(more)

Source: Editorial Board, IndiaGlitz.com


Kudos to the entire cast and crew of Kanthaswamy.

Vikram entertains the audiences with his mind-blowing performance. Shriya Saran is at her best as far as looks are concerned. Susi Ganesan and his team have taken care to thrill audiences in each frame. Padmashri Thotta Tharani's art direction, along with the cinematography, gives an international l...(more)

Source: Shailesh, galatta.com

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