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Kamal's self indulgence

Ramesh Aravind as the director should have stepped up to his plate during the making of the movie by saying "cut" after the scene is long over. Secondly, he could have worked with the editor to trim down the scenes at least at the editing table. Probably, he couldn't do it due to the reverence he has for the actor Kamal or may have been afraid to offend the great actor(more)

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Uttama Villain - Immortal

The two hours, thirty two minutes runtime is barely noticeable as life unfolds on screen and some films you applaud, some you whistle and hoot, but �Uttama Villain�s appreciation is shown by the tears in the audience eyes as they leave the theatre. The pace does lag at times and there are other failings which hardly matter when you experience the work of a great master. (more)

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Screaming of mastery in every department, Uttama Villain is True cinema

Dialogues written by Kamal himself are sharp, witty, intelligent, and mischievous. His play of words in the scene where Nasser falls sick tells us his prowess with the language. A film that is high on emotional content is rare to find these days for the simple reason that it has not many takers. But Uttama Villain scores its brownie points in this domain. (more)

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A courageous film that breaks away from being predictable, is gripping and emotional with few funny moments thrown in.

The sheer thrill of watching a film and not knowing what will happen next is one of the great pleasures offered by director Ramesh Aravind. Uttama Villain is a good example of an entertaining commercial film that didn't need to be lazy or senseless. (more)

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The story of a star and his legacy

The narrative technique is inventive. The simultaneous unfolding of these two stories; with the story of Uthaman, set many centuries ago, unfolding almost as a fantasy of Manoranjan, offers a very interesting perspective of 'reality' of fiction in cinema, and how cinema is merely an illusion of reality.(more)

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Kamal Haasan Is The Uttaman But Screenplay And Editing Are The Villains

Uttama Villain is a fitting tribute to the late K Balachander and is a film all Kamal Haasan fans can be proud of. On the flip side, it lacks the zest to keep everybody hooked throughout. (more)

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Kamal's screen presence pulls off otherwise bit dragging film

It is undoubtedly a Kamal show all the way! The actor sparkles in both the roles � an ego bloated Manoranjan and a simple Uttaman. Streaks of Kamal's acting are seen in the entire supporting cast like Pooja Kumar, Andrea, MS Bhaskar etc. The emotional bonding between Kamal his wife Urvashi, son and daughter are noteworthy.There are few shortcomings. Nevertheless Kamals' amazing screen presence pulls an otherwise bit dragging film with a runtime of 2hrs 52 minutes. The film can be enjoyed only in parts.(more)

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