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Brawny pretending to be Brainy

Sometimes a meal is so hot that you tend to gulp it down even if it is not exactly delicious. This is what saves Kanithan. It is so fast most of the times that some glaring loopholes and deja vu feel does not hurt the film as it would have had it slowed down anytime.(more)

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The Mathematician In You!

Kanithan is definitely entertaining and has all the commercial elements coupled with an interesting plot. A tighter screenplay by director TN Santhosh sans the formulaic way of making a Tamil film would've made this, more than just watchable. (more)

Source: Avinash Gopinath, One India


Watch Kanithan for Atharvaa Murali and the well choreographed action sequences.

The film sustains interest for a while after that, but the 80s styled functioning of the hero, that too an accused out on bail gets wherever he wants and even has the police doing his bidding defies logic ,hampering the screenplay and it struggles to recover. The director conveniently forgets to deal with what happened to the bank loan issue which seemed to be the main plot point.(more)

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Kanithan is an exciting action flick to watch, if you do not make a big deal out of its dull and redundant moments!

There is nothing that we haven�t seen here before in terms of suspense or chases but the core theme is fresh and carries some kick to it. What could have been an intelligent crackerjack suspense entertainer ends up being a medially engaging product due to few lackluster moments and some sluggish screenplay in the second half. Despite its flaws, this savvy thriller is worth watching once mainly for some exhilarating action sequences, Atharvaa�s top class performance and a few adrenaline pumping moments.(more)

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For the most part, a punchy thriller

We�re talking life and death � and suddenly, everyone�s splashing around in a swimming pool. The lyrics might well have been �Go take your bathroom break now.� But even this is a sign that the movie is working � for when the song ends, the film tautens again. The messagey portions, thankfully, are kept to a minimum, but we do get this line: �Indha kaalathula thappu pannravangala kooda vittuduvaanga. Aana thatti kekkaravangala kandippa nasukkiduvaanga.� (These days, they�ll even forgive sinners. But if you raise your voice against injustice, they�ll crush you.)(more)

Source: BARADWAJ RANGAN, The Hindu


Fantastic plot enslaved by a silly script

Like so many Tamil films, Kanithan begins with a fantastic idea and story, but Santosh lets these spin out of control -- till the script sinks beyond salvation. (more)

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Run Of The Mill

Kanithan tries hard to satisfy multiple agendas that telling an interesting story becomes secondary to everything else. (more)

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Kanithan feels less than the sum of its parts.

This segment proves to be as deadly for the film as kryptonite is for Superman, as until then, it seemed to be heading for a thrilling finish after a shaky start. The tension in the script gets killed and the film never recovers, despite making an effort to recover lost ground. (more)

Source: Suganth, Times Of India