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Goli Soda - This fizz does give a high!!!

Goli Soda is a surprise package as you would be least expecting an action film with the 'Pasanga boys' splashing on the film's posters. The film starts of much like Marina and you are actually expecting a docu-drama on the lives of the kids in Koyambedu. But things take quite a bloody turn before the intermission(more)

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Goli Soda - Justice popped open

There are a lot of twists thrown in, to reiterate the right. Having sought the choice opinion of more than a dozen skillfully expert directors, Vijay Milton has done the best justice to an offbeat story, in a clean entertainer that would impress all sorts of audience.(more)

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Goli Soda is real good cinema and is a must watch.

Vijay Milton makes a fantastic comeback as a director as his story and detailing are perfect and is able to extract spellbinding performances from all artists in the film.(more)

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One of its kind, Goli Soda is edgy and entertaining !

Though there are exaggerated cinematic moments, Milton tells a good story under an unusual premise with engaging screenplay, sharp dialogues, good camerawork and interesting moments. (more)

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Goli Soda: Little men

The signature achievement of Goli Soda is its ruthless unmasking of how hollow most of our masala movies are, and how, with a little imagination, just a little, you can make a film which does not insult the audience. (more)

Source: Baradwaj Rangan, The Hindu


Goli Soda Review

Goli Soda is about four friends (orphans at that) who try to create an identity for themselves, their romance and their fight against a big shot who wants to squish them beneath his feet because their action inadvertently has resulted in a loss of face for him. If this reads like the plot of a typical masala movie, you are not wrong. Goli Soda IS a masala movie. But what sets it apart and even makes it one-of-a-kind is that its protagonists aren't grown-up 20-somethings but adolescents, early teens to be specific. There have been Hollywood films that have transposed the sensibilities of a regular genre movie to ones that have kids as the principal characters, like Brick, Bugsy Malone and Young Sherlock Holmes, but this is probably a first in Tamil cinema.(more)

Source: M. Suganth, Times Of India