Thaamirabharani (U)
12/Jan/2007 Drama, Action 2HR 39MIN

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Critics: 3 Panel: 35 User: 28

Overall: 4.2 from 66 users

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Worth a watch.

The cleverly structured script and the smart screenplay has the viewer captivated throughout, except when the lead couple engages in some sweet talk. Though there is nothing new about the plot, it has been backed by remarkable performances from the entire cast, especially from Prabhu and Nadiya. Yuv...

by - Rediff.com

Rating (2.5/5)

Thamirabarani - Typical blend.

Hari has mixed all the ingredients so well in a smart storyline, so much so that you get a new flavor. Vishal is full of virility and his action sequences are bravado stuff. Newcomer Banu does what is required of her. Veterans Prabhu and Nadhiya offer splendid backing to the script. Nasser, Vijayaku...

by - IndiaGlitz.com

Rating (3/5)

In the grip of the sickle throughout (the gun makes its appearance only in the finale)!

Hari has a few interesting twists and suspenseful sequences in the narration. The story is not new but it is gripping. Sprightly and cheerful or serious and emotional, Vishal's acting skills are surely improving. A picture of dignity throughout, Prabhu sparkles. Banu has an expressive face and shine...

by - The Hindu

Rating (2.5/5)