Singh is bling : will not kill you

PUBLISHED DATE : 02/Oct/2015

Singh is bling : will not kill you

Singh is bling : will not kill you

Ameet Bhuvan

There is only so much of non sense one can trash and diss week after week in the cinema we make. So this weekend as Singh is bling hits the marquee I decided not to be all judge Judy and watch this one with an open mind.



So yeah as long as my expectations are sub zero there is some amount of fun to be had In this silly fest of the obnoxious prabhudeva has dished out for us.


Raftaar is a stereotypical Singh who bumblea about his way in life and has no mission or purpose to his existence. None but to listen to his mother. Due to convenience sakes and to forward the story he is put into goa where he is expected to become a grown up or marry a fat girl back home. In come Jackson , a ninja fighter, and dutta who helps raftaar speak to Jackson. What happens next is a series of silly sketches that if u allow yourself you might smile or giggle at.


What makes the effort bearable is a hyoed energetic akshay Kumar. His infectious energy and spunk fuels the scenes and makes you not slip into a coma induced by the inane lines and script ( credited to a company no less ). Added to this is the lovely Lara dutta , back from motherhood, who displays a rare comic timing. Perhaps it is the case of distance morphing into fondness but Lara never was this much fun to watch on screen ever.


Rest of the film. And cast slumber and plod through harmlessly if you do not start thinking and asking questions. As long as that is not a problem one can sit through this one, and that's a lot coming from the maker of action Jackson. So go for it if you will .


Rating:  1.5/5

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