Srimanthudu Review - A crowd pleasing entertainer

PUBLISHED DATE : 08/Aug/2015

Srimanthudu Review - A crowd pleasing entertainer

Srimanthudu Review - A crowd pleasing entertainer 


Mahesh Babu joins hands with the dialogue writer turned director Koratala Siva for Srimanthudu and the expectations for this movie reaches zenith mainly because Mahesh Babu's Psychological Thriller movie Nenokkadine and Aagadu didn't perform well in the Box office as expected and also this is the next high profile actor's movie releasing after Baahubali's humongous success from Telugu movie industry.



Koratala Siva's Srimanthudu revolves around the basic premise that every person born in this world should not forget their land and the society which nurtures them. Human being should give back to the society which flourishes them.Harsha(Mahesh Babu)descends from rich family but wants to lead a simple life and who considers company workers as a part of family. Harsha meets Charuseela (ShrutiHaasan), girl from village studying rather an interesting course on rural development in Hyderabad. Harsha fascinated by her thoughts and at one juncture even proposes like she is beautiful from inside. Harsha comes to know about his native village through Charuseela and whether he is able to give back what his family earned to society by adopting his village or not. Itis presented in well saleable commercial formulaic manner by Koratala Siva.



Srimanthudu's main pull factor is Mahesh Babu's charisma, screen presence, effortless dialogue delivery and matured performance. Koratala Siva understands Mahesh Babu's idiosyncratic style, body language very well and utilized it in an effectual way. Mahesh Babu gives his earnest performance throughout the movie especially in the scenes involving his father JagapatiBabu. He is totally in control on screen with his mass as well as stylish appeal. ShrutiHaasan got substantial role in the movie and Sheseems to be getting better with each movie and makes her presence felt with her portions in a hero centric movie. Romance in the first half are engaging and satisfactory especially due to lead actors enchantment and refreshing appeal.


JagapatiBabu is convincing as multi billionaire who yearns a lot for his son’s love and also to understand his thoughts. Sampath Raj and Harish Uttaman are the usual baddies one can expect in any commercial masala movies.  Among the huge supporting cast which includes Sukanya as affectionate mother, Rahul Ravindran as cousin, Thulasias frustrated village women, only Rajendra Prasad as Narayana Raocatches attention with his performance in a pivotal role as a righteous man who don't want to leave his native village at any cost and wishes his villagers to think alike. Vennela Kishore and Ali brings comic relief while the former wins at ease with his expressions and dialogues. Another interesting character touch is local tea vendor in the village who is keeping count on the number of families willing to stay in the village.



Screen play and direction by Koratala Siva is tactful enough without deviating from the main story line and also the way in which three villains and their tryst with hero on three different events which finally brings them together in hero's native village itself is appreciable.  Dialogues by Siva is excellent especially one towards the climax with JagapatiBabu and one-liners by Mahesh.


However over stretched stunt sequences test the patience of the viewers and also more detailing in the rural development portions in the movie rather than as a single montage song, might make this movie high with social content instead ends up being a usual social consciousness movie camouflaged by the commercial format to please the particular section of the audiences. Among the many over stretched, law defying stunt sequences, one which happens in the marriage function is choreographed well.


Technical departments

Songs and background score by Devi Sri Prasad is average and elevated mainly due to Mahesh Babu's Screen presence. Among the songs, title song’s placement gels well with the plot and Charuseela is choreographed in an enticing manner with its thematic settings. Cinematography by R Madhi which adds strength to the story and captures both jubilant, colourful frame of city life and also drought stricken village land in a compelling manner. 



To sum up, Srimanthudu is a routine commercial entertainer build upon the relevant social interest angle. Movie is surely treat for Mahesh Babufans and he is awesome throughout the movie. For others, Srimanthudu is yet another entertaining movie which makes viewers to enjoy two hours and forty minutes duration without squirming. 


Verdict: A completely crowd pleasing entertainer from Mahesh with relevant social interest angle.


Rating: 3/5

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