Why is Drishyam a must watch?

PUBLISHED DATE : 03/Aug/2015

Why is Drishyam a must watch?

Why is Drishyam a must watch?

Divay Agarwal


Drishyam is one movie that you shouldn’t miss out and watch it along with your whole family.  We give you 5 very strong reasons for it:


1. A Tout Thriller

Drishyam though is a Hindi remake of the South Indian versions but stands out in terms of execution. After a long time in Bollywood, one witnesses a good tout thriller that’ll always keep you engaged with its fascinating plot and interesting twists and turns that come along your way. Till the very end, you’ll not be able to predict the outcome and would keep wonder about what actually happened!


2. Compelling Storyline

The film starts with Vijay Salgaocar (Ajay Devgn), a middle-class man, who lives with his wife (Shriya Saran) and two young daughters and is a happy and a content man. Things change for him and his family when the only son of MeeraDeshmukh (Tabu), Inspector General of Police goes missing and the family is taken into custody for questioning. What happens next is the rest of the story!


3. Simple and Natural

Much like the Malayalam version, the director NishikantKamat has kept things very simple and natural but with utmost detailing. The storyline, the dialogues, the characters all move in a very effortless flow and their modesty is what stands out in this film.


4. Perfectly Suited to a Family Audience

The film will largely appeal to the middle-class audience as they could relate to the Salgaocar family because of the sincerity of all the characters in the everyday activities they do. Just like every middle class father, Vijay cribs when his wife asks to take them out for shopping or kids ask money to go to school trips but he agrees after a little convincing for he’ll do anything for their happiness. 


5. Breathtaking Performances

Ajay Devgn as Vijay Salgaocar is outstanding! Why do movies like Action Jackson, when you have the ability to do so much better? In Drishyam, he proves his worth again with a very genuine performance as middle class man ready to do anything to keep his family happy and protected! Tabu as IG of police and as a mother of lost child plays another veteran act. KamleshSawant as Inspector Gaitonde was excellent and maybe just the new find of Bollywood. Shriya Saran does a fine job and one would love to see more of her in Bollywood. Rajat Kapoor, Ishita Dutta and all others have done a great job too!

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