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Ordinary tale of extraordinary things

There are all the potholes of Joseph's "original" screenplay that find their way into the Hindi version as is. The police come out as stupid, choosing to torture an admission out of Ajay in the IG's house even. Many a times in the film, one just does not get why the characters would not do the obvious logical thing of seeking a help outside of the premise and go about round and round the illogical lane. The first half is a tad too long, especially since none of the romance between Shreya and Ajay rings true.(more)

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A suspense drama with a nail-biting finish, Drishyam holds the viewer by the eyeballs till its' engaging climax.(more)

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DRISHYAM is an absolute winner that keeps you hooked completely right till the end.

The film belongs totally to Ajay Devgn and Tabu. They are the quintessential torchbearers of the film right from the word go. It is really heartening to see Ajay Devgn (who is mostly known for his action roles) to underplay his usual self and yet come out a winner of sorts. One just cannot to afford to miss him in the scenes where he and his family recreate the entire events and incidents and also his helpless condition in the police station when his family gets beaten up mercilessly. His smoldering eyes emote effortlessly. (more)

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Ajay Devgn, Tabu present a must-watch thriller

Director Nishikant Kamat's tale of a common man's dilemma, courage and deceit could suffer in comparison with the original by Jeethu Joseph, it is still one film that will reinstate your faith in the suspense genre. If Kahaani was the last memorable mainstream Hindi suspense thriller you watched, then Drishyam will be a grand new entry to that list. (more)

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Watch this one for Tabu's terrific performance!

Kamat, known for his strong stories and hard-hitting style of cinema, gets away with showing a lot of woman-beating and child-beating. Those are the most difficult scenes to watch. They have the desired impact, but leave you numb.(more)

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Drishyam is a depressingly ordinary film

Nishikant Kamat�s Drishyam is watchable and even builds tension effectively from time to time.(more)

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Drishyam is gripping in parts but is anything but an unblemished humdinger.

Drishyam that is instantly intriguing. Rare is a mainstream Indian film in which a character holds forth on the intricacies of 'visual memory�, on perspectives, on how we tend to believe everything that we see. (more)

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