5 reasons to watch Gabbar Is Back

PUBLISHED DATE : 29/Apr/2015

5 reasons to watch Gabbar Is Back

Gabbar Is Back Preview: 5 reasons to watch Gabbar Is Back

Ameet Bhuvan

An iconic villain from Hindi cinema, a smash hit from down south and a production house that gave us the action packed rowdy Rathore - Gabbar is Back has everything that an action movie junkie can ask for. Akshay Kumar and Shruti Haasan starrer 'Gabbar is Back' promises to bring the fire crackers out much before Diwali this year. Here's why we think this will be the entertainer we all have been waiting for this year.


1. Akshay Action Kumar

He has done it all, comedy, lover boy, patriot, yet the one genre we can never tire of watching Akshay Kumar in is action. After the stupendous Rowdy Rathore, Akshay is back in full on action flick after a hiatus and we cant wait to see him kick some serious bad ass on screen all over again.


2. Shruti Haasan

She might not have had roaring success up north yet, but Shruti is a stunner and a welcome import to Bollywood. She looks like a million bucks, dances like a dream and can sing her way to glory. What more does one want??


3. SLB productions

The house that gave us the colourful action entertainer Rowdy Rathore, Gabbar is Back looks equally bright and promising. Good story, great production values, beautiful frames and entertaining songs- everything needed to get the cash registers ringing is right here.


4. The Action

It's been a while since we saw six grown men being beaten to pulp single handedly by the hero right? Well, Gabbar is back, punch lines learnt, to break bones in style.


5. Ramana

Yes, that is the original Tamil film Gabbar is back is based on. For those familiar with films down south, Ramana remains a favourite, with the right mix of social activism, action, romance and sentiment. A sure shot masala entertainer with a message, Gabbar is Back sure has enough fire power going for it.

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