Aambala Review - A Harmless Masala that Works

PUBLISHED DATE : 15/Jan/2015

Aambala Review - A Harmless Masala that Works

Aambala - A Harmless Masala that Works!!!
Bharath Vijayakumar

It is not rocket science to know what you will get before entering a movie titled Aambala with Vishal in the lead. But with Sundar C at the helm you know that while you have enough dosage of the hero

proudly displaying his masculinity there will be no shortage of comedy. This is exactly where Aambala scores. While it looks like a Hari film, the major exception is that it does not take itself seriously.So the packaging works. Even as jeeps go flying it does not hurt much because this is essentially a film where the villain shakes his leg along with the entire crew in the last song.


Long lost family members who have a grudge against each other due to misunderstanding have to be brought together by our hero. And he does it easily with  coincidences playing everything into his hands.



Vishal does his part and is at home turf.As in a typical Sundar C film this has a huge cast with even the junior artists being recognizable faces. Santhanam is thankfully understated. You know the purpose when they cast Kiran as one of the aunts of the hero.This is a film that tries to squeeze out glamour from the slightest of opportunities and nothing is a taboo. You could possibly add 'Female assets' as one of the starrers in the credits as they get the most screen time after the hero. Cut out the audio and you wouldn't know whether you are watching an item number or a routine sequence given the choices of costumes that the ladies in the film wear. You really wish you understood more about how censoring rules work.

Hip Hop Thamizha does catch your attention with his tunes. But the songs are quite similar to each other.

Formula films are the easiest target in social media today.While a template is there ready for you to capitalize, the proportions and packaging are what decide the fate of these films.

To be given due credit, Sundar C never leaves you fuming at any point in the film. He knows you have left behind the reasoning portion of your brain back home before entering the cinemas. So he wastes no time in long drawn flashbacks.A long last family member is identified by the style in which he mixes water with alcohol. Just as you begin to yell in aghast you realize this is a much better way to tie the loose ends given that the only other option would be flashbacks hidden in flashbacks.



Aambala does not take itself seriously and neither expects you too. The end product is a harmless masala for those who relish this recipe.

Rating :2.75/5

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