Finding Fanny Music Review - Fresh as a breeze

PUBLISHED DATE : 19/Aug/2014

Finding Fanny Music Review - Fresh as a breeze

Finding Fanny Music Review - “Fresh as a breeze”

 Anup Pandey

Music: Mathias Duplessy

Homi Adajania’s upcoming upbeat and whimsical Finding Fanny that stars Deepika Padukone and Arjun Kapoor in the leads, welcomes French composer Mathias Duplessy into mainstream Hindi film after his stint in indie films like Delhi In A Day and Mumbai Cha Raja. 

1. Fanny Re

With simplistic European folk arrangements, Duplessy employs a contrasting Rajasthani folk singer Mukhtiyar Ali to render this intriguingly lovely and hummable track that describes the milieu of the film. 


Only argument could be the Punjabi lyrics for this Goa based film. It is recorded and produced in such a pure and raw fashion that Ali sounds off-note at places but all that may be intentional, given the fun and frolic nature of the film.

2. Mahi Ve

It has exactly same arrangement. Same singer. Same lyrics- except that Fanny Re is replaced by Mahi Ve. What’s the point?

3. Ding Dong

The South American classical music of ‘60s in the form of Ding Dong provides more fresh air to the album. Though this one too does not paints a picture Goa in its verbatim, with whistles, hoots and claps in the arrangement, it does promise its quirky mood.


4. Shake Your Bootiya

Starts to spoof the opera, the following rustling sounds adjusts and welcomes Divya Kumar (another Rajasthani folk singer) to crack us up with its quirky lyrics: “witty witty” is made to rhyme with “meethi meethi”. When was the last time you heard a folk singer singing “Shake your booty”? And when was the last time any track in a Bollywood album with such lyrics didn’t turn out to be a DJ party mix one? This one has an Italian tune arranged and pepped with natural sounds, and still can compel anyone to shake their bootiyas!


Bottom line

Duplessy brings fresh vision to the Bollywood music production with no help of processed sounds and auto-tuned vocals. Only if the soundtrack would have been 3 tracks longer, this breeze would have been a blow to the cluttered and noisy Bollywood albums being churned out these days!


Rating: 3.5 / 5

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