Kathai Thiraikathai Vasanam Iyakkam Review - Out of the Box!!

PUBLISHED DATE : 15/Aug/2014

Kathai Thiraikathai Vasanam Iyakkam Review - Out of the Box!!

KTVI Review - Out Of the Box!!!
Bharath Vijayakumar

That R. Parthiepan does not toe the line of conventional narration is well known. After trying his luck with the commercial Vithagan he is back after a hiatus with another experimental effort. With an innovative title 'Kathai Thiraikathai Vasanam Iyakkam' and an even more catchy tagline 'A film without a story' what does he have in store for us?



A group of aspiring filmmakers are in search of that elusive plot for their first venture. The experiences that they go through in this search and the emotional turmoil of their loved ones is what KTVI is all about.



KTVI boasts of an almost unheard number of short cameos from well known faces. Amidst them the real cast of the film is almost entirely of newcomers along with Thambi Ramiah. The youngsters have done reasonably well and fit in as the aspiring filmmakers. Among them Vijay Ram as Murali manages to catch our attention with his spontaneity in humour. The others including the lead pair are fine within their limitations but their rawness is quite apparent. Thambi Ramiah steals the show and is the man in form in KTVI. Almost the entire first half sails smoothly on his able shoulders. While the cameos are relevant it is a fact that none of these stars actually look joyous on screen. Apart from the blink and miss scene from Vijay Sethupathy that is on the lighter side, all the other stars are involved in scenes that require them to have quite a grim look.


Technical Team:

C. Sathya's score is good and the songs come in small portions and never really take us off from the main narration. Rajarathinam has done a commendable job as the cinematographer. While most of the plot happens in the interiors he has still managed to shoot from interesting angles.  Editor R. Sudharsan deserves mention as this is a tricky film where scenes do not follow a template and at times there are stories within stories. Yet there is minimal confusion and we are on track with what is happening.


One Man Show:

Despite appearing only in a few random scenes now and then, we can clearly visualise Parthiepan in almost every frame. The film starts off very distinctly and this unique charisma is very much the selling point of the film. The entire first half is loaded with numerous hilarious dialogues with some of them involving Parthiepan's favourite play of words.Dialogues are a major reason for the enjoyable first half. We also get some interesting inside information about the Tamil film industry and how it works. Contrary to our expectations, the film actually has a central plot which begins to take centrestage in the second half. While the unique presentation was very much relatable when the proceedings were light, we start to get a bit restless as the movie progresses and seriousness begins to creep in. While the youngsters' acting limitation did not come in the way of us enjoying the humorous portions it begins to show in the more serious scenes.  One just gets the feel the film might have been more enjoyable had it really taken the jolly route throughout.



KTVI is another example of R. Parthiepan's unique way of storytelling and his effort to move away from the beaten path. There is a theme running in the film about how the interesting aspect of cinema and life is not knowing what is going to happen next and the probability is always 50-50. The verdict on KTVI is also similar. While it is drastically different, it's ability to strike a chord with the audience is also 50-50.




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