Maruthi Nagar Police Station Review - Has enough twists and thrills!

PUBLISHED DATE : 20/May/2023

Maruthi Nagar Police Station Review - Has enough twists and thrills!

Maruthi Nagar Police Station Review 

Bharath Vijayakumar

Dayalan Padmanabhan’s previous outing Kondral Paavam was a crisp thriller with a handful of characters. His latest Maruthi Nagar Police Station is also a thriller and this one also clocks lesser than 2 hours. The scale is a little bigger and so is the number of characters. A young man goes missing in the beginning and later we have a double murder inside a police station. On paper, Maruthi Nagar Police Station does have enough twists for a thriller. But on screen, it struggles to make an impact.


The major issue with Maruthi Nagar Police Station is the believable factor that remains right through the film. Apart from a couple of actors, almost everyone is found to be wanting. Even the biggest of twists don’t create the impact they ought to, because, forget our involvement with the characters, even the actors on screen don’t seem to be taken aback by these twists. For instance, two people are shot inside a police station and after a while a doctor declares that one of them is alive. But nobody seems to react. Worst still, the doctor waits for a while before the other characters are done with their dialogues to calmly reveal this. And the climax is packed with twists and a supposedly emotional flashback that makes very little sense. And what was that attempt at comedy with an inspector in the police station?


If you are willing to buy in twists that keep piling without any semblance of believability, you can give Maruthi Nagar Police Station a try. For the rest, this one is a a decent thriller with twists and turns one can expect in a these genre of films.

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