Pichaikkaran 2 Review - Loud and over the top but the pacy narration helps!

PUBLISHED DATE : 19/May/2023

Pichaikkaran 2 Review - Loud and over the top but the pacy narration helps!

Pichaikkaran 2 Review – Loud and over the top but the pacy narration helps!

Bharath Vijayakumar


Vijay Antony’s Pichaikkaran 2 is the kind of film that gives you a clear idea of how things are going to pan out quite early on. For starters, finesse and subtlety is thrown out of the equation right away. We have three villains who are supposed to be scheming but are more happy screaming. And these are people who are associated with the 10th (or was it the 7th) richest businessman of the country. Even the trio of Pattasu Balu, Pan Parag Ravi and Saniyan Sagadai from Thirupaachi in 2005 would act more subtle and clever. But as ridiculous as this may sound, Pichaikkaran remains passable for most of the time because it never disappoints by promising something else and this absurdity and loudness remains intact right through. And what really works is the pace. Pichaikkaran is another film which follows the highlights template where there is no room for any drama. Be it the hero build up, the sister sentiment or even the supposed social message of the film, everything is packed in like a highlights package. So, even when you aren’t really invested with the emotions, you are thankful because you don’t really mind and what you really hope for after the initial few minutes is some guilty pleasure. 

If you are interested about the plot, it is about what happens when a good hearted but poor man gets his hands on a lot of money through impersonation. He does what Rajni did in Shivaji or to be honest, a lot more. What Siva did in the Sooravali song from Thamizh Padam would be a better comparison.


Personally, Pichaikkaran 2 was an easy watch because as I said earlier, the pacing is such. I honestly did not mind the film and if you are in the mood for some guilty pleasure, probably you wouldn’t to. But when the film goes into the message zone, the portrayal of poverty and the poor with ample melodrama leaves a lot to be desired. The film coins a term ‘Bikili’ for rich men who exploit the poor. I was wondering if the film itself ended up behaving like a ‘Bikili’ at times.




Forget finesse in presentation and performances. In fact, the amateur VFX is right on your face, the entire time. Pichaikkaran 2 is a loud and over the top film that tries to play to the gallery. The point is that you can play to the gallery with finesse as well. But given that Pichaikkaran 2 isn’t aspiring for that, it probably comes close to what it intended to.


Rating: 2.5/5

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