Actress Bhavana makes Malayalam cinema comeback after 5.5 years!

PUBLISHED DATE : 24/Feb/2023

Actress Bhavana's history with the Malayalam cine industry is complicated, yet those on the right side of history have been rooting for her Mollywood comeback for 5 years and 5 months now. Ntikkakkakkoru Premandarnnu, a love story written by written and directed by Adhil released in theaters today i.e. February 24, 2023, and has added to the overflowing support of Bhavana's comeback from her Malayalam cine industry colleagues.



The 2 hour 5 minute romantic drama, with dialogues, additional screenplay by Vivek Bharathan and Sabaridas Thottingal,  features Bhavana as Nitya and actor Sharafudheen in the role of Jimmy. The story revolves around the love between the two and the characters who become part of their romance. 

¨I don't know whether it was the right decision. It took me a month to decide on committing to this movie. I felt this was the right moment. So I decided to take this right decision,” - Bhavana during a press meet at Kochi, Kerala


Safiya Rafi as Jimmy's sister Maria who narrates the film, Asokan, Shebin Benson and Anarkali Nasar are the other actors in this movie. In Tamil Nadu, the film has opened at select screens. Trailer of the movie can be viewed above. 



Bhavana, who has been active in the Kannada film industry since 2017 will also be seen in another Malayalam movie titled Hunt. Hunt is directed by Shaji Kailas, and also stars Anu Mohan, Rahul Madhav, G Chandunath, Ajmal Ameer, Renji Panicker, Aditi Ravi, Nandu among others. 

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