Run Baby Run Review

PUBLISHED DATE : 03/Feb/2023

Run Baby Run Review

Run Baby Run Review

Ashwin Ram

Run Baby Run is a whodunit thriller starring RJ Balaji and Aishwarya Rajesh in the lead roles. Directed by debutant Jiyen Krishnakumar and the music is composed by Sam.C.S.



RJ Balaji is an innocent youngster who works in a bank. Aishwarya Rajesh is being chased by strangers and she is found dead mysteriously in RJ Balaji's apartment. What happens after this forms the remaining story.


Writing/ Direction:

Gets the focus correct by getting into the story from the very first frame. Although the opening shots make us worry about the directorial skills, the proceedings are convincing. The approach in the first half is realistic and moves at an unhurried pace. Though there are no powerful high points, the flow is pulsating as the intensity is very much on. The screenplay till the first half is gripping and the halfway pause occurs when the curiosity level is right. The usual cheap-thrills click too at times. The core crime of the movie is interesting, but the issue lies in how it is conveyed. Things become disastrous when the hunt for the reasoning begins, which is right after the interval. The problem of convenient writing exists throughout the film, but it tends to get disturbing when the engagement is absent in the latter. The clues and progress that is showcased to attain the top floor are so random. Whatever that comes in hand has been thrown on us and the make-belief factor is taken for granted. Huge disconnect forms in the second half which make us lose interest in knowing the actual truth. The twists are so weak mainly because of the substandard way the supporting characters have been designed. The climax and villain reveal make the happenings a big joke.



RJ Balaji has delivered a decent performance, he is good with silence and sophistication, but underwhelming when asked to cry and looks odd when he tries to express seriousness. Cakewalk role for Aishwarya Rajesh and she has done it well. Many other known faces have done neatly but they were not provided with good enough roles to excel.



Such a fine piece of camera work, we get to have that small sense of connection with the film mainly because of how well the geography is established in every scene. Montage songs are dull and even Sam.C.S’ background score isn’t commendable enough, somehow manages to drive the vehicle smoothly till a point. Badly edited, shot follow-ups go for a toss and there is so much confusion with respect to the scene order towards the end.



Though it doesn’t create a high-level investment, the first hour manages to engage well with an usual thriller genre yet neat flow. But the later half is a complete bummer in the name of showing the truth to the world with vague storytelling.


Run Baby Run - Falls Short of Winning!

Rating - 2.5/ 5

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