Gatta Kusthi Review - A Clear Winner!

PUBLISHED DATE : 02/Dec/2022

Gatta Kusthi Review - A Clear Winner!

Gatta Kusthi Review - A Clear Winner!
Ashwin Ram

Gatta Kusthi is an emotional comedy drama in a Kabaddi sport backdrop. The film stars Vishnu Vishal and Aishwarya Lekshmi in the lead roles, it is directed by Chella Ayyavu.

Vishnu Vishal (VV) has some low-key expectations for his future wife, as he is one. Aishwarya Lekshmi is well-read and a wrestler, VV marries her without knowing the actual truth. What happens when he gets to know her real background forms the crux of the story.

Writing/ Direction:
The one-line is typically rooted as well as uniquely refreshing. Thankfully the film doesn’t try to be too many things at the same time, the story package focuses on a couple of topics and covers them quite successfully. The screenplay doesn’t deviate much right from the beginning, neat establishments with frequent hilarious comedies that keeps the flow very much alive and kicking. The first hour is filled with funny situations and entertaining conversations, even a lengthy gender discussion is written so well that it appears to be laudable on-screen. Sensible writing by director Chella Ayyavu in many areas, the women in the film are treated with so much dignity, the male characters figure out and correct their (own) mistakes. The interval block is a pure blast, a predictable yet a fascinating mass sequence to sum the first half, the dots are smartly connected. The conflict post-break will surely be relatable for many couples, simultaneously the execution packs the punch. The emotional portions are handled in a light-hearted manner without overly squeezing the family drama angle. A few sequences in the latter part could have been better, especially the usual template pre-climax that has a force-fit villain. A little more depth was definitely required for a stronger impact, mainly during the closure of certain brackets and characters.

Vishnu Vishal’s underplay is a master stroke, it takes some real guts for a hero to take the back seat for the most part, he has conceived the story with maturity and has given space for others. Aishwarya Lekshmi’s best role, scope and work till date, the beauty is that her character has the much-needed commercial viability. Solid roles for Karunas, Munishkanth and Kaali Venkat - all three play vital supporting characters in the story, and have scored equally well by delivering clap worthy jokes throughout. Redin Kingsley adds value to the comical quotient and this film is an example for that, he takes over the final stretch responsibly.

The film’s technical crew has many promising names. Decent songs from Justin Prabhakaran, not upto his regular standards and the placements are downer too, fortunately he has done a commendable job with the background score. Cinematographer Richard M Nathan has made sure to present the film colourful on the big screen, delightful slow-motion shots stand out. Neat editing, there are places to be scissored a bit, overall the runtime doesn’t exceed and annoy the crap out of people anywhere. Solid stunt choreography, the interval and climax fight sequences are composed beautifully.

Except for a few parts that are conveniently placed and lacked depth, the film is a surprise package that finely handles women empowerment and family drama with vastly enjoyable humour, and also has an underlying emotion.

Rating : 3/ 5

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