Love Today Review - A fun take on a relevant topic that is pleasantly surprising!

PUBLISHED DATE : 04/Nov/2022

Love Today Review -  A fun take on a relevant topic that is pleasantly surprising!

Love Today – A fun take on a relevant topic that is pleasantly surprising!

Bharath Vijayakumar


Though it was fun in parts, Pradeep Ranganathan’s Comali did not really work for me. The preachy tone of that film and how the message was haphazardly force fitted into the scheme of things put me off. Love Today too is a fun film. Love Today too has a message. But Pradeep is in fine form here and gets the balance right. The message is pretty much a part of the core of the film and what really works is that this is a very focused film with a handful of characters.


The first half of Love Today is what you precisely saw in the trailer (and Pradeep’s short film App(a) Lock). It has a lot of humour packed in and the film moves at a breakneck speed. A couple in love are in for a rude shock when both land an opportunity to peek into their partner’s private space. Or to put it more appropriately, they get a chance to get a view of their partner’s digital life. And this view gives a completely different picture. So how do you evaluate a person? What they are in real life? Or how they behave when they get a mask to let out their feelings without the fear of being judged? The idea of using the title of a yesteryear Vijay film isn’t just a ploy to garner attention. Love Today is as apt a title you can get for this film.


The best thing about Love Today is how it showcases real issues and more importantly tries to do so from the POV of both the genders. How far it succeeds or how effective it is with respect to treating either side equally could be up for a debate but the important thing here is that makes an effort (or at least comes across) to see both sides of the picture. Both the lead characters aren’t entirely honest, and the film surprisingly doesn’t play to the gallery by putting down the girl. Yes, there are a lot of whistles when the hero calls the girl names and exposes her lies. But the character played by Ivana is never put down in the film. The second half actually exposes the hypocrisy of the hero. This half has quite a lot of emotional scenes and these are several notches better from what you got in Comali. The melodrama is minimal, and the emotions are far more organic.


Pradeep and Ivana fit their parts. Sathyaraj has little to do but his presence makes a difference, and this is a smart casting choice. Radhika shines in that scene towards the climax when she makes her son realize the bigger picture. Raveena Ravi is very good too. This is another film that proves that Yogi Babu is at his best when he is subtle and keeps it simple. That reveal about how body shaming can affect someone is a really nice scene. 


For a film that does a lot of things right, it is a little disappointing that it doesn’t really make it a point to register that some of the things that the hero and his friends do are shameful. To its credit, the film doesn’t whitewash their deeds. It also shames them for what they do in the name of anonymity. But if you look at it a certain way, they feel shameful only when they realize that what they do is affecting one amongst them. The film doesn’t make it explicit if they realized that commenting on an actress picture inappropriately isn’t any less wrong. This becomes glaring when they bring someone from outside for having committed a shameful crime. What the hero and his friends have been doing all this while has also probably affected a lot of people out there.




Love Today is a lot of fun. The film also pleasantly surprises on how it tackles a very relevant topic of today. Few things could be up for debate but for making a lighthearted film without trivializing the menace of perversion using anonymity, this one is a winner!


Rating : 3.25/5

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