The Legend Review - 'Unintentionally' Hilarious!

PUBLISHED DATE : 28/Jul/2022

The Legend Review - 'Unintentionally' Hilarious!

The Legend Review - 'Unintentionally' Hilarious!


Legend Saravanan’s much awaited big debut titled The Legend, directed by JD Jerry has finally hit the screens. The much awaited commercial entertainer with Harris Jayaraj’s music, has an ensemble cast and a magnanimous technical crew. Dealing with a medical issue in brief, have audiences accepted this masala film?




The Legend is about a scientist named Saravanan who returns to his village after having studied and worked abroad for many years. He gets back to bring about change to the country and realizes the rising number of ‘juvenile diabetic’ cases among children. In fact, this part of the plot is revealed in the very first quarter and how he battles a medical mafia to bring out a free drug for diabetes forms for the crux of the storyline.


As in most big commercial films, The Legend too has a massive casting equation. It is very refreshing to watch Vivekh in a substantial role. Suman plays the baddie and Geethika plays the female lead. Others who get important parts are Urvashi, Robo Shankar, Munishkanth, Yogi Babu and a lot of other well known actors are also seen in small roles. However, none of the performances leave a major impact solely due to the lack of proper character arcs in the story.


A large part of the film is mere build ups to fight sequences and songs and this proves to test the patience of fans. If one accepts to watch this for the fun of it, they might enjoy unintentionally funny moments in quick succession. But if that is not the case, we can make very little sense of why the flick plays out the way it does.


There are multiple chases and fights choreographed by Anl Arasu and it is safe to say, the action plays out every now and then. Being well shot, it would give you the feeling of watching a big hero’s commercial film in majority sequences. Kudos to the budget and execution by director JD Jerry. The train fight, Mosalo song and a couple of twists in the latter half work for a few. What works unanimously is the fact that most people know what to expect.


Another point to be noted is that sequences in The Legend remind audiences of scenes from blockbuster South Indian commercial films like Mersal, Sivaji: The Boss and KGF. There is a lot of inspiration from the mass hero concept and the film is more or less hero worship from the word go. Legend Saravanan tries to take the Superstar route most times.


Some of the noteworthy aspects of the film are the cinematography by Velraj and songs by Harris Jayaraj alongside some neatly edited parts by Ruben. This technical team has saved the product for a large part and made it seem presentable. A few dialogues work here and there too, Even with all these big names, what was required was a better story and some sincere efforts from the lead actors towards the line.


On the whole, Saravanan’s The Legend is a perfect example of how expenditure has little to do with engagement and holding the attention of fans today. As much as some of the audiences may be excited to watch this for the way it has been marketed, very few might really have their eyes on the screen through the course of the duration (161 minutes). A no-brainer from team Legend, that briefly deals with a serious medical issue in a very usual commercial format.




Over the top commercial masala that could have had better writing! The film will be your stress buster if you know what to expect, else might leave you stressed. 


Rating: 2/5

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