Forensic Review - Too lightweight for a thriller!

PUBLISHED DATE : 07/Jun/2020

Forensic Review - Too lightweight for a thriller!

Forensic Review

Bharath Vijayakumar


Forensic gets into business right away. A kid undergoing a traumatic childhood grows up to be a monster. Cut to the present and we have a murder and then another follows and we are announced that a serial killer is on the loose. One thing is very clear from early on with the kind of staging, music and the colours used. Though this might be a grim subject, the treatment is probably going to be like a mainstream commercial film. What follows is the slightly exaggerated hero entry and this does make it clear on the kind of film that is in store.


Forensic keeps you fairly interested for most of the initial half. What if the younger version of S.J. Surya from Spyder had an entire film revolving around him. That is the kind of territory that this film ventures into for a brief while and though not entirely the edge of the seat kind of stuff, the narration is mostly fast paced and that helps to a large extent. But the film almost becomes obsessed with the idea of having a twist at every turn. So whether you can anticipate the next twist or not becomes immaterial as after sometime you have either lost interest or even if you are interested, there is no real point because there is going to be another twist very soon!


The intention to surprise the audience is fine but after a while even the plausibility of some of the revelations becomes a question mark. There have been many films that have us glued till the very end and then the final reveal is either disappointing or makes you feel cheated. But over here you become indifferent because on the one hand the twists keep piling up and on the other hand you don't have any character that you are invested in. It sort of becomes like a hit or miss video game towards the end. While this may not be a bad thing for a no brainer action film, Forensic is supposed to be a cerebral thriller. The performances too are predominantly light weight. The BGM that plays to the gallery is the only thing that keeps trying to register that something thrilling is happening on screen.



The number of twists don't define the quality of a thriller. Sadly, Forensic is obsessed with this parameter and the more crucial aspects of plausibility and actual thrill go for a toss!


Rating: 2.75/5

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