Dear Comrade Review - A refreshing drama about standing by our loved ones!

PUBLISHED DATE : 26/Jul/2019

Dear Comrade Review - A refreshing drama about standing by our loved ones!

Dear Comrade - A refreshing drama about standing by our loved ones!

Bharath Vijayakumar


Dear Comrade starts like every other Vijay Devarakonda film with a forlorn lover letting his anger run amock. Did I say every other VD starrer? Oops! Evidently, Arjun Reddy is the only film till now where he played such a character but such has been the impact of that film that it has engraved a certain image in our minds! Dear Comrade is no Arjun Reddy and is a vastly different film with the anger management issues of the hero being the lone similarity.


Dear Comrade is a love story but isn't the romance that you are usually subject to in our cinemas. The initial half is the typical mainstream romance but these cutesy portions have a certain credibility. The girl has a representation in these scenes and it isn't merely from the perspective of the guy. There is a certain build up before the leads fall for each other. VD (Bobby) and Rashmika (Lillee) are charming in these portions and Justin's score is soothing.


The film gradually and surprisingly takes a different route post interval. Bobby is rediscovering himself and slowly getting rid of his hot headedness while Lillee is recuperating from an accident that puts a halt on her march towards her goal. For a while we still think that this film is about whether these two will get together in the end. It obviously is but the focus shifts to something that our movies very rarely delve into. It is about the aspirations of the girl. More heartening is the fact that the narrative isn't as though it is the guy who should take all the credit for channeling her to the right path. This is a film where both are equals and help each other in equal measures to fight each other's inner demons. And both the characters are so real. They hurt each other as much as they love each other and the challenges they face from within are fascinating to watch. This second half makes Dear Comrade such an important film. It doesn't stop with lip service and showcases that love isnt merely about just getting to live with each other but standing by each other in fighting for their aspirations.


The film deals with a societal evil in its last leg and while these portions might seem like a little too late in the film, they create an emotional impact and your respect for the film rises.


I caught the dubbed Tamil version and this might have diluted my experience a little bit as it takes a while to get accustomed to the lip sync but the performances and the drama holds your attention.




A refreshing mainstream film that scratches beyond the surface of the emotion called love and imparts the right ideas about it. It isn't about attaining a person but standing up for them and standing by them through their thick and thin.

Rating: 3.25/5

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