Brochevarevaru Ra Review - A likable fun film!

PUBLISHED DATE : 29/Jun/2019

Brochevarevaru Ra Review - A likable fun film!

Brochevarevaru Ra Review - A likable fun film!

Bharath Vijayakumar

Full length comedies are a tough nut to crack. Just like other emotions, humour too is highly relative and what is funny to you might be extremely silly to someone else. Likewise what was funny to you at some point earlier in your life might not tickle you anymore. Telugu cinema has been springing few pleasant surprises of late and Brochevarevaru Ra joins the list. Close on the heels of Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya this is another film that is devoid of cliches associated with mainstream Telugu cinema and would yet appeal to a large section of the audience.


Not sure if we can term the film as a hyperlink narrative but Brochevarevaru Ra has two tracks that merge quite unexpectedly midway. The twist is not something that you see coming and is a wildly imaginative one. An aspiring filmmaker narrates a story to an actress and this story is visually presented to us in the ' film within film' mode. An emergency arises and the aspiring filmmaker is in need of money and a similar fate is facing the characters of the story that he is narrating.


The camaraderie between Sree Vishnu, Priyadarshi and Rahul Ramakrishna is superb and the actors are on the spot with their comic timing. The film predominantly rides on their shoulders and they deliver the goods. Their conversations and counters are very close to how friends in real life would interact. Nivetha Thomas is endearing as the young girl yearning for affection at home. Sathyadev and Nivetha Pethuraj play their parts in an unassuming manner.


Technically the film is good with some neat cinematography that captures both the calmness in the track involving Sathyadev and Nivetha Pethuraj and the effervescence and madness of the trio from a small town in the other track. The music is never overbearing and the songs are pleasant.


There is not much to complain about the film.There is a very brief lull at the beginning of the second half but things fall back in place quickly. The film has the admirable quality of being restraint without being flashy and showy. Whenever there is a twist or a new idea most directors have a tendency to oversell or overstyle it. But Vivek Athreya quickly gets back to business. Romance in both the tracks sort of remains in the background and I liked how the director did not really give a closure to the relationship between Sathyadev and Nivetha Pethuraj. Also liked how the film also does not have any evil character per se apart from a lecherous tuition master. The other characters act on desperation to save their loved ones and end up affecting others.



Brochevarevarura is an extremely likable fun film that is whacky as well as simple and endearing.

Rating: 3.25/5

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