Nenu Local Songs - Music Review

PUBLISHED DATE : 16/Jan/2017

Nenu Local Songs - Music Review

Nenu Local Songs - Music Review

Nenu Local is an upcoming Telugu film directed by Trinadha Rao Nakkina with Nani as a lead and music composed by Devi Sri Prasad. Nani's films in recent times has brilliant and engaging music when compared to other movies. Let's check whether Devi Sri Prasad delivers enjoyable tunes or not after series of debacles


Next Enti: Next Enti is the stock tune of DSP, however the songs comes off as palatable if one brushes aside the deja vu feel in the tune as well arrangements. Easily saleable tune and Sagar's vocals make this one easily sails through while Ranina Reddy's vocal seems to be an edgy one and DSP's brief melodica bit in the second interlude being the sole pleasant highlight in the arrangements front.


Arere Yekkada: DSP gave brilliant track after a long time with Arere Yekkada and the arrangements are soothing and pleasant with the tinge of classical beats in the interlude. The track gains a lot from Manoj's solo violin and Electric violin and Manisha Earabarthini's alluding vocals makes this one enjoyable listen. Naresh Iyer adequately supports the proceedings.


Disturb Chestha: Disturb Chestha's mysterious rhythm layer amidst the blaring Babu's trumpets and guitars makes an interesting combo while Prudhvi Chandra aces the foot tapping tune energetically. Though, the initial prelude has the shades of DSP's staple music, the engaging charanam tune and arrangements and Srimani’s amusing lyrics make up for the heard before feel of the tune.


Champesaave Nannu: Champesaave Nannu starts off brilliantly with Balaji's alluring violin solo, but spiralled towards the typical EDM-dominated party song, however, an Europeaneasque frolic in the second interlude is a winsome one. Overall engaging song which benefits a lot from Balaji and pretty neat vocals by Kapil and Sameera Baradwaj.


Side Please: Side Please is a mandatory high octane mass song and the song turns out to be dud except for the Javed Ali's vocals and foot-tapping percussions. Babu's trumpet helps the song to a certain extent but the mediocre and monotonous tune.  



Nenu Local is Devi Sri Prasad's engaging and enjoying one in recent times without much adhering to the commercial and mass requirements of typical high budget Telugu albums.


Rating: 3/5

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