Baar Baar Dekho Music Review - 'Faux Fresh'

PUBLISHED DATE : 10/Aug/2016

Baar Baar Dekho Music Review - 'Faux Fresh'

Baar Baar Dekho Music Review - “Faux Fresh”

Anup Pandey



It is now an accepted norm that music album of Hindi films are a part of the pre-release promotional vehicle of the film. The makers know no one would care about the album post-release, so neither would they. Music no more comes from the film.


It is composed -- or repurposed, in many cases -- in complete isolation of the film and the script. (In this case, I’m told, one song was composed for an altogether different film; the film went unreleased, the song got lucky to be used here.) And it is sad, for we make one of a kind cinema where music is an equal and an important aspect of the overall film art.


Baar Baar Dekho marks this trend significantly. It has songs from various artists: Jasleen Royal, Arko, Amaal Malik, Bilal Saeed and Badshah.


1. Kho Gaye Hum Kahan


Jasleen Royal has composed this romantic ballad, and sung along with another indie musician, Prateek Kuhad who has also written this song. Minimal on arrangements -- guitar, whistle -- the tune is hummable, though there's a conscious attempt to sound breezy/cute by both the singers (Kuhad is slightly nasal too).


2. Sau Aasman


Starts off well with country-like strings, but Amaal Malik brings it into his backyard -- electronic club number. Strong Sooraj Dooba Hai Yaaro hangover here but not as engaging. Even though the tune isn't entirely refreshing, Neeti Mohan and Armaan Malik try enough to make it.


3. Dariya


Arko writes, composes and sings this one, and all quite nicely. Really likeable tune which needed mellower treatment and arrangement. Still, not bad.


4. Nachde Ne Saare


Jasleen Royal's second song for the album is the quintessential Punjabi wedding song of a Karan Johar film. Sounds similar to Daingad from Humpty Sharma… in its prelude. Royal’s wannabe soulful voice is offbeat to the song, but in the flavour of it and hence works. The main hook, set on EDM, is really catchy. Siddharth Mahadevan (sounds very KK) is brilliant here, along with ever-dependable Harshdeep Kaur.


5. Teri Khair Mangdi


Bilal Saeed’s own Ek Teri Khair sounds too trite for this album which tries to be fresh so hard. Arrangement is interestingly laid on what sounds like violins, but the tune is repetitive bore.


6. Kala Chashma


Prem Hardeep's track is rehashed and repurposed only to generate some pre-release buzz, by peppering with Badshah and Neha Kakkar’s boisterous rap. What if this song doesn't excite me? Doesn't matter, it’s being played everywhere around you by now.


This five composer - six tracks soundtrack tries too hard to appeal by checking off routine boxes, too hard to sound fresh.


Ratings: 2.5/5

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