Bollywood Diaries Review - An ordinary film that touches the heart!


Bollywood Diaries Review - An ordinary film that touches the heart!

Bollywood Diaries Movie Review – An ordinary film that touches the heart!

Divay Agarwal

Just for a moment, close your eyes and imagine the dream you always wanted to or still wish to live, that something that you desire for more than anything, that makes you passionate to go any far to achieve it! How do you feel?


Bollywood Dairies creates this same feel through the tales of three people who aspire to be an actor in films and can go any lengths to achieve their dream. The tales revolve around a young guy who wishes to become a star,  a sex worker who believes her in Bollywood calling and a family fan, who decides to go to Mumbai to pursue his dreams and not to be stuck in his routine job.


The film shows the actual struggle behind the glory and glitter that one sees through movies and stardom. It emphasizes on the fact that, it is indeed difficult to be a someone in Bollywood, either you don’t have talent or you don’t have luck in the crowd of million dreamers. But again, the story is not something one hasn’t heard or seen before and that’s the point where film suffers although having its heart in the right place.


Special mention to the beautiful album this film has especially the soulful songs in Mann KaMirga and ManwaBehrupia. They add greatly to the value and nature of the film.


Talking about the performances, Ashish Vidyarthi is amazing and brings so much intensity to his role that you can’t just take eyes off him. Raima Sen and Vineet Singh also have done a very fine job. Debutant Salim Diwan’s capabilities are seen majorly in the climax scene, rest of the times, he could have been much better.


In all, if you have similar desires or interested in knowing about the hardships of a Bollywood aspirant,  then this movie will surely be a good watch for you!


Rating: 3.0/5

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