Saala Khadoos Review - Combustive energy

PUBLISHED DATE : 29/Jan/2016

Saala Khadoos Review - Combustive energy

Saala Khadoos Review - Combustive energy 

Ameet Bhuvan

Sala Khadoos is one of that rare breed – a sports film in Hindi that works. Despite its raw edges, uneven tenor and a predisposition of melodramatic cursing where subtlety would have been much more powerful, director Sudhir Kongara delivers a compelling film on the teacher-pupil relationship. 


On the face of it, SK treads in fearful stereotype territory, a disgraced coach, a student who doesn’t yet know how totame her self and channel her abilities, and a system against both of them. In fact Chak De, the only respectable sports film we have in recent times, was exactly this. Yet, SK stands out on the strength of the sheer explosiveness of the two protagonists and the performers playing these roles. 


Both Madhavan, at his career best here, and newcomer Ritika, sit tight at opposite ends of a the same thread; in temperament and what they are as individuals and sports people. This undercuts every interaction and scene between the two, resulting in a combustive energy on screen. Both actors give it their all, despite weird lines they need to mouth and awkward situations they are put in a lot of times. They rivet you, hold you in a grip, and take you on their journey. 


It is a shame then that the film itself doesn’t support them all through. The screenplay is over long, frail and dreary. One knows the eventualities , especially the long angle, from a mile ahead and it would have helped the film immensely had there been some freshness to how this was depicted. 


Nonetheless, SK is a strong film. It promised a nice sports film, and it delivers in huge measure. It is the year's first decent outing at the theaters and is not to be missed at any cost. 

 Rating: 3/5

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