Action Replayy
05/Nov/2010 Sci-fi, Romance

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Action Replayy
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A much smarter script required

The problem with Action Replayy is the going-nowhere humour track. The gags aren't too funny and the tu-tu main-main between Akshay and Aishwarya borders on the juvenile.(more)

Source: Nikhat Kazmi, Times Of India


Mind-numbingly dull

The only use for a time machine after watching this film, will be to wipe your memory clear of it. The dialogues are clunky, the music unimpressive, and the performances indifferent(more)

Source: Rajeev Masand, IBN Live


Missing all the key ingredients for a hit

This is one of those films where the details are accurate down to the Julie and Cadbury´┐Żs posters in the background, but missing in the central ingredients like story plausibility, characterisation, and great comedy. Avoid! (more)

Source: soni,


Hack, to the future

Even in a ripoff of a true classic, one expects it to reach 88 miles an hour and bring about at least a moment of genuine, even if fleeting and plagiarised, thrill. Action Replayy never moves out of second-gear.(more)

Source: Raja Sen,