Varshangalkku Shesham (U)
11/Apr/2024 Drama, History 2hrs 45mins

Varshangalkku Shesham

Critics Review


Filled With Feel Good Moments!

There was lag in the first hour and Pranav Mohanlal�s could have been more straightforward, otherwise a sweet tale on friendship, filmmaking and the love for the art.(more)

Source: Ashwin Ram, MovieCrow


Nivin Pauly-Basil Joseph comic cameos perk up Vineeth Sreenivasan's cinema-friendship story

Apart from these bits, a lot of the other humour doesn't really land. Vineeth's script, where the two friends blow hot and blow cold doesn't flow smoothly. And while audiences loved the jokes referencing Sreenivasan or the industry, the rest of the humour doesn't really land. Also, it's a bit disappointing that there are no prominent women characters. From such a fun team, we would have expected a more engaging, moving film.(more)

Source: Anna Mathews, Times Of India


Dhyan Sreenivasan, Pranav Mohanlal try 'too hard' in Vineeth Sreenivasan's weakest film

Varshangalkku Shesham also emphasises Nivin Pauly�s unmatched talent when utilised by filmmakers who understand his abilities and limitations. Despite limited screen time, Nivin steals the show with a confident performance, adeptly handling comedy while exuding a captivating charm that blends his acting prowess and star persona. However, the disappointment in Varshangalkku Shesham lies in the fact that, despite the ensemble cast, it�s only Nivin, in an extended cameo, who delivers a standout performance, with Dhyan being the only other actor to make a notable impression.(more)

Source: Anandu Suresh, Indian Express