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An Energetic Actioner!

A cleverly crafted saga with a good balance of enjoyable humor, quirky action and intense drama with a tinge of an emotional angle. The wholesome satisfaction is missing as the later half takes a back seat.(more)

Source: Ashwin Ram, MovieCrow


Fahadh & Sajin Gopu excels in goofball gangster film

Sameer Thahir�s cinematography and editing by Vivek Harshan, complement Sushin Shyam music perfectly to create the unique atmosphere of the movie. A special mention to costume designer Mashar Hamsa for Fafa�s iconic look, which, in fact, is a source of contention with a rival gangster. Jithu Madhavan has already shown that he knows how to do things differently and with style, with his debut horror movie, Romancham. He has delivered another unique comedy with Aavesham.(more)

Source: Anna Mathews, Times Of India


Fahadh Faasil hits it out of the park in Jithu Madhavan film

If Fahadh Faasil's performance is a major asset to 'Aavesham', composer Sushin Shyam's music is yet another aspect that adds beauty to the wild ride. Cinematographer Sameer Thahir and editor Vivek Harshan complement each other in enhancing the effectiveness of 'Aavesham'. 'Aavesham' is truly an enjoyable affair with brilliantly choreographed action sequences and comedy sequences. If you're a fan of Fahadh Faasil, then 'Aavesham' will prove why you became his fan in the first place. (more)

Source: Janani, India Today


Fahadh Faasil delivers 'verithanam' performance in this all-encompassing comedy masala

What elevates Aavesham further is undoubtedly Sushin Shyam�s tracks and background score, which give the film the mass masala vibe it demands. Without overusing any particular tune, Sushin adeptly switches between the ones he has created, providing a cohesive viewing experience. Sameer Thahir once again demonstrates his proficiency in cinematography, with the action sequences in Aavesham standing out due to his skills. Together with Vivek Harshan�s excellent editing, the film maintains visual richness throughout, avoiding reliance on excessive cuts and allowing shots to progress naturally. Chethan Dsouza�s stunts and Sandy�s dance choreography, which infuse the film with the essence of Telugu and Tamil masala films while retaining its Malayalam touch, also stand out and contribute to Aavesham�s allure. Ashwini Kale�s production design, Mashar Hamsa�s costumes and RG Wayanadan�s makeup also deserve special mention for their exemplary work.(more)

Source: Anandu Suresh, Indian Express


Fahadh Faasil makes this gangster comedy outstanding

The film will appeal especially to the youth not just for its theme but also the fact that music director's Sushin Shyam's songs are very trendy and hip. The cinematography by Sameer Thahir is good but the editing could have been better as some scenes could have been done away with.(more)

Source: Latha Srinivasan, Hindustan Times


Fahadh Faasil Starrer Blends Comedy, Action & Nostalgia

Aavesham emerges as a must-watch mass entertainer, with Fahadh Faasil delivering a captivating performance. Jithu Madhavan�s direction, stellar performances, and lively soundtrack ensure a fun-filled cinematic experience for Malayali movie buffs.(more)

Source: HARI, Koimoi