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An Interesting Theatrical Watch!

Wafer-thin plot presented in a riveting manner. Gripping till midway, holds to an extent after that. Had the potential, but missed to provide wholesome satisfaction, still thrilling enough to captivate the audience.(more)

Source: Ashwin Ram, MovieCrow


Ajay Devgn-R Madhavan's film is cursed by a weak script

The parents watch helplessly as their once-bright daughter becomes a puppet to a stranger's will. From dancing to his tunes to assaulting her father and even attempting to harm her younger brother, the 'shaitaan' exerts complete control. By the interval, audiences are rife with theories about why M...(more)

Source: Sana, India Today


Ajay Devgn the saviour meets Ajay Devgn the family man in this mildly scary hostage thriller

It�s still a tricky period for the big-screen film, and what Shaitan seems to be hoping will work in its favour is shock value. If a raucous and mildly unsettling hostage drama with a more than mildly entertaining R Madhavan is enough for you, go watch it.(more)

Source: Prannay, Hindustan Times


Grips with a sinister atmosphere and stellar performances

Madhavan is outstanding as the malevolent figure and pulls off every sinister deed perfectly. Ajay Devgn delivers a powerful performance as a helpless but determined father. Jyotika stands her might, too. Janki Bodiwala deserves to be lauded for her pitch-perfect performance as the young girl under ...(more)

Source: Dhaval Roy, Times Of India


Nothing More Scary Here Than The Fluffy Film Itself

Once all the cards are laid on the table, the film falls into a high-pitched yet insipid rigmarole that strives very hard to scare us stiff but succeeds only sporadically to achieve that goal. But despite not being wholly satisfying, the feeling that the film leaves one with is that it is doing enou...(more)

Source: Saibal Chatterjee, NDTV Movies

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