Article 370 (U/A)
23/Feb/2024 2hrs 4omins

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Article 370
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This intriguing drama sheds light on Kashmir's complex dynamics

Article 370� attempts to evoke a sense of nationalism, taking creative liberties along the way. One fails to comprehend the necessity for Zooni to resort to impersonation to access amended documents from the J&K Secretariat, as accessing those documents could have been a straightforward job for her....(more)

Source: Abishek, Times Of India


Yami Gautam, Priya Mani impress in film on Kashmir politics

Some of the unconvincing theories about the Kashmiri movement for autonomy in the film will make you want to read up on its actual history. We guess that's what the PM meant when he said that 'Article 370' will be �useful for people to get correct information�.(more)

Source: Sana, India Today


Yami Gautam-starrer serves its politics unabashedly as it mixes facts with fiction

Article 370 also finishes with flourish � pacing the build-up to the abrogation day as a race-against-time, simultaneously playing out in Srinagar and Delhi.(more)

Source: Shalini, Indian Express


Yami Gautam, Priyamani steal the show in this impactful, engaging tale

Article 370 underlines one of the most crucial chapters in our nation's history. With an impressive writing, simple narrative and outstanding direction, it effortlessly manages to send across the message it intends to. Film made on Kashmir as the focal theme are aplenty in Bollywood, but this Yami a...(more)

Source: Monika, Hindustan Times


A Movie About Kashmir With The Voice Of Kashmiris Missing!

the movie ends with Article 370 getting revoked �peacefully� with a message that says no innocent Kashmiris were harmed when it happened. Zooni brings closure to her past like she hoped for. In the end, there�s a scene where the makers have recreated a picture of the current PM printed on a newspape...(more)

Source: POooja, Koimoi


ARTICLE 370 is a gripping tale.

. Hence, those expecting it to be a conventional entertainer might be a bit disappointed. Secondly, in places, the film gives a feeling of being one-sided and not covering all elements of the story. For instance, Article 370 was revoked for the betterment of the people of Kashmir. However, the aam j...(more)

Source: Bollywood Hungama, Bollywood Hungama