Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya (U/A)
09/Feb/2024 Family, Comedy 2hrs 23mins

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Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya
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An Extended Cigarette Commercial With Some Romance, Robots and Random Family Drama

Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya has the lead stars delivering good performances. It makes you laugh sometimes but tests your patience a lot. There�s very little love story to enjoy amidst the cigarette talks, wedding drama, forced family jokes, and sexist remarks.(more)

Source: Pooja Darade, Koimoi


An Experiment Gone Awry

TBMAUJ starts silly. With every passing scene, it becomes sillier and sillier until it scrapes the bottom of the barrel. A besotted but confused Aryan is unable to get Sifra out of his head. He convinces his aunt to ship the robot to Mumbai, where he works. He takes the girl home and passes her off ...(more)

Source: Saibal Chatterjee, NDTV Movies


Shahid Kapoor-Kriti Sanon's rom-com falls flat like a robot low on battery

Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya is a rather bland and lacklustre affair that struggles to keep you engaged, and only tries to cash in on its good-looking lead pair. If anything, it's the three song and dance sequences in the film, and one in the end credit (title song) that might make it an enjoyab...(more)

Source: Monika Rawal Kukreja, Hindustan Times


AI concept crashes due to faulty script

Teri Baaton Mein Aisa Uljha Jiya' had solid potential that isn�t fully exploited. Shahid and Kriti�s pairing is fresh and gives us blockbuster vibes, but the half-baked writing and shoddy direction put a major glitch in this AI experiment. (more)

Source: Tushar Joshi, Indian Express


This quirky man-machine love story is intermittently engaging

The film elicits quite a few laughs, mainly owing to the characters' reactions. The humour is not so much in the dialogues but in their delivery and timing � especially Aryan's interaction with his friend and colleague, Monty (Ashish Verma), who pulls off his goofy act very well.(more)

Source: Dhaval Roy, Times Of India