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There are portions that the movie tends to be absolutely stupid and the main theme is problematic, but it is gripping from start to finish. And the happenings are crazy and never dips nor becomes a dry flick.(more)

Source: Ashwin Ram, MovieCrow


A pathos-laden love story that'll leave you with mixed feelings

Baby might leave you with mixed feelings, but it�s also the kind of film that�ll incite conversations � for better or worse. And maybe that�s the point of it all!(more)

Source: Neeshita Nyayapati,, Times Of India


Anand Deverakonda film is impressive, divisive

Looking at the slapstick comedy films Sai Rajesh did earlier, Baby is a shockingly deep and emotional writing that asks viewers many questions. Producers SKN and Maruthi should be appreciated for backing this bold film and letting the maker stay true to his vision.(more)

Source: Raghu Bandi, Indian Express


Contemporary romantic drama

Baby sheds light on modern-day relationships in a neat manner, and the climax is unconventional. The performances of Anand Deverakonda, Vaishnavi Chaitanya, and Viraj Ashwin are simply superb. The second half has its heart in the right place, but the impact gets slightly reduced due to the slow-pace...(more)

Source: 123 Telugu, 123telugu.com


Anand Deverakonda, Vaishnavi Chaitanya star in an exceptionally long, silly romantic feature

Baby runs like a moral story with the protagonist actually spelling out the moral three-fourths into the movie.(more)

Source: Tamma mOksha, The Hindu