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Venkatesh and Nawazuddin deliver riveting performances in the action-packed drama

Saindhav is an intriguing attempt at blending emotional depth with action, but its execution doesn't consistently hit the mark. It has engaging moments, and serves as a testament to the evolving nature of Telugu cinema, where traditional storytelling is being melded with contemporary cinematic sensi...(more)

Source: TOi, Times Of India


Underwhelming And Amateurish

What a mess(more)

Source: Venkat, greatandhra.com


Partly engaging action drama

Saindhav has a good concept, but the narrative is underwhelming and flat for the most part. Venkatesh�s dashing performance and the last half an hour are the biggest assets of Saindhav. Despite having talented actors by his side, the director didn�t provide them with good roles. The background score...(more)

Source: 123 Telugu, 123telugu.com


Venkatesh film is utterly avoidable

This is a sort of John Wick-meets-Drushyam with a touch of medical thriller in a mythical city that may be inspired by Gotham city. The father we get to see in the beginning is not one awash in his daughter�s love, nor is he a repentant soul. He appears as if he is just waiting for the first push to...(more)

Source: Rana, Indian Express

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