Critics Review


Typical cop movie showcasing a stylish protagonist

In trying to build up Christopher, every other character was ignored. Also, absolutely no one wants to see a series of gory rape scenes spread throughout the movie. Viewers can understand the gravity of the crime and injustice without forcing it and could even be triggering for viewers who have faced assault in the past. This B Unnikrishnan-Udayakrishna movie fails to utilise Mammootty as an actor and star. Justin Varghese's music adds to the moments Christopher shines on screen.(more)

Source: TIO, Times Of India


Unnikrishnan and Udaykrishna take a step forward as Mammootty takes two steps back

Even though the movie is about how women are denied justice, the female characters in the film are very shallow and almost insignificant. Even Amala Paul�s ACP Sulekha, in spite of the actor doing a neat job, struggles throughout the running time to make her presence felt. While Sneha gets some screentime, it feels like Aishwarya Lekshmi�s Aamina Ismail was introduced only to be raped and killed in no time so that Christopher can carry out one more encounter.(more)

Source: Anandu Suresh , Indian Express


Mammootty�s cop vigilante film is old wine in a broken bottle

The story just unfolds itself pretty much in the first half an hour and becomes very predictable. There is no hook to engage the audience nor any twist and turn that leaves us surprised. The villain also doesn�t offer anything to the viewer and is quite cliched.(more)

Source: Latha Srirnivasan, India Today