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Saturday Night
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A tale of tight friends that needed tighter editing

The movie is all about the power of friendship which is magnified by the power of sound track. As the four friends dance together to Jakes Bejoy's music, all those who miss and enjoy moments of camaraderie with their buddies, will definitely feel like dancing along.(more)

Source: TOI, Times Of India


Nivin Pauly and Rosshan Andrrews team up for a crazy, wild ride

At times, the multiple threads � mental health, self-help, therapy, drug addiction, memory loss � create a confusing knot to unpick. One can�t help but wonder if the attempt was to bring in the madness of the Hangover films. Like the �pumpkin run� at the end where the four friends make a dash for it...(more)

Source: Shilpa Nair Anand, The Hindu


This Nivin Pauly starrer is a huge disappointment

This film�s solution to dealing with challenges of modern-day life is to take it hopelessly lightly. It�s one tone and it never focuses on the other side of Stanley�s act of a noble and loyal friend. For example, Poocha (Aju Varghese) gate-crashes a black-tie party and disrespects guests and persona...(more)

Source: Manoj Kumar, Indian Express

Music Tracks

No. Song Title Lyric Writer Performer(s) Listen here
1 “Friendship song” Shah & Jakes Bejoy JAKES BEJOY Listen
2 “Nilaathumbi Nee ” Joe Paul VIJAY YESUDAS Listen